Mount Banahaw

Dolores, Quezon

Mount Banahaw-San Cristobal Protected Landscape covers 10,901 hectares of land and contains Mount Banahaw, an active volcano on Luzon in the Philippines considered by many as a "Holy mountain".

The three-peaked volcano complex is located between the provinces of Laguna and Quezon and is the tallest mountain in the Calabarzon region dominating the landscape for miles around.

Banahaw is a traditional pilgrimage site for locals, believed by many as a "Holy mountain", a spiritually-charged location. The mountain and its environs are considered sacred by local residents; the water from its sacred springs are deemed "holy water" for allegedly having beneficial qualities, issuing forth from locations called "puestos" or "holy sites".

These sites are unique natural features composed not only of springs, but also caves, streams and boulders; with names with biblical allusions, and shrines erected in, on or around them.

These locations were allegedly revealed to a man named Agripino Lontoc by the "Santong Boses" or the "Holy Voices", which also gave the names to these places way back during the Spanish Colonial Era. Another one of this mountain is the adjacent Mount Banahaw de Lucban.

Mount Banahaw San Cristobal Protected Landscape News

  • No Permit No Entry To Mt Banahaw

    No Permit No Entry To Mt Banahaw

    People must secure permits to enter Mount Banahaw, a popular Holy Week destination, especially for those who consider the active volcano sacred.

    "Were already requiring people to first get their permits from our office," said Salud Pangan, protected area superintendent of the 10,900-hectare Mt. Banahaw-San Cristobal Protected Landscape (MBSCPL).

    The regulation is among measures adopted by the local government Barangay Kinabuhayan, Dolores town, Quezon province to protect Mt. Banahaw from further environmental decay due to human activities.

    The Mts. Banahaw-San Cristobal Protected Land ...

  • Respect Sacred Mountain DENR Reminds Mt Banahaw Trekkers

    Respect Sacred Mountain DENR Reminds Mt Banahaw Trekkers

    The agency tasked to protect Mt. Banahaw in Quezon province has reiterated its appeal to pilgrims and mountaineering groups to avoid venturing into areas closed off to the public while keeping its forests and prayer spots clean this Lenten season.

    "We can all have a hassle-free Holy Week as long as they will obey basic rules" no trespassing in the prohibited areas and observe proper garbage disposal," said Salud Pangan, park superintendent for Banahaw and San Cristobal of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

    Pilgrims consider Banahaw a "sacred mountain" inhabited b ...

  • Mt Banahaw Climbers Pilgrims Told To Shun Fire-causing Activities

    Mt Banahaw Climbers Pilgrims Told To Shun Fire-causing Activities

    The environment department is reminding people to refrain from undertaking activities that may further trigger a fire in Mt. Banahaw in the wake of the latest incident that broke out this week.

    "People must not cook and throw away cigarette butts there," said Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) senior forest management specialist Joybert Mijares.

    He noted both activities are common human causes of fire in Banahaw.

    Fire can also occur naturally from spontaneous combustion of dry leaves and other litter, he added.

    Mijares, however, said the cause of the fire in Ban ...

  • Why Rainforestation Brings Back Healthier Forests

    Current reforestation efforts that uses exotic trees such as mahogany and rubber are not suitable for the Philippine environment, environmental groups said.

    As a response to this issue, a new approach has emerged in the restoration of Philippine forests, known as rainforestation.

    Rainforestation is using our native trees in restoring our forests, according to Thaddeus Martinez, a forester from the Haribon Foundation.

    We are prioritizing some of the endemic trees within a particular place. We are always tracking to have the tree species match with the sites, he added.

    Martinez, the ...

  • Sanitary Care Products Asia Extend Partnership With Haribon

    Sanitary Care Products Asia Extend Partnership With Haribon

    Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc. (SCPA) is extending its partnership with Haribon Foundation, pledging to plant 3,000 seedlings and fund eight implementations of the HARI EcoVan Biodiversity on Wheels initiative in Iloilo Province, Panay Island. According to the agreement signed last January 24, SCPAs forest adoption will cover 2.4 hectares of the Mt. Banahaw-San Cristobal Protected Landscape (MBSCPL) in San Pablo City, Laguna, including three years of forest maintenance and capacity development endeavors for the communities who will steward the area.

    The HARI EcoVan Biodiversity on Wheels ...

  • 19 Protected Areas Up For Review At Calabarzon Regional Stakeholders Summit

    Nineteen protected landscapes and areas in the Calabarzon region (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) are up for review and assessments by some 100 stakeholders during their three-day 6th Annual Summit of the Regional Protected Area Management Boards (PAMB) from June 28 to 30 at the Country Hotel here.

    Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)-Calabarzon Assistant Regional Director lawyer Arnel Rodriguez said on Thursday that the Summit aims to inform the protected area stakeholders on the latest status of their respective protected areas.

    "This summit is not a golf ...