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  • DIY A Night In Cagbalete Island

    DIY A Night In Cagbalete Island

    Cagbalete Island is part of the municipality of Mauban in the province of Quezon. It is 98.6 km east of Manila.

    Its unspoiled beauty and accessibility to Manila makes it an island destination to add to your travel wish list. Be warned though, electricity in the island is available on from 6PM - 6AM. Here's how you can have your own DIY: A Night in Cagbalete Island...

    Your adventure begins in Manila. Head to one of the bus terminals below and board a bus that leaves very early in the morning:

    Jac Liner Inc.

    LRT/Buendia Terminal
    Donada St. cor. Buendia, Pasay City
    ☎ 274-824 ...

  • Cagbalete Island Your Next Weekend Destination

    Cagbalete Island Your Next Weekend Destination

    Here's how you can enjoy a Cagbalete Island weekend in Quezon for less than P1,000.

    Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Manila without spending too much time and money? Don't fret. It can be done.

    Several hours away from Manila, you can experience white sand, turqouise waters, and the beauty of nature in one of the unspoiled beaches of Southern Luzon: Cagbalete Island.

    Imagine yourself waking up to the sound of chirping birds and the calming sound of the sea lapping at the shore. Picture yourself taking in views of the blue horizon while breathing fresh air, all day.

    Cag ...

  • DIY Trip Cagbalete Island

    DIY Trip Cagbalete Island

    It was supposed to be another weekend on two wheels for us but we decided to hit the beach instead. Since we are a thrifty bunch, we packed our stuff, rolled our tents, and headed south to dig our itchy feet in the white sands of Cagbalete Island.

    Located along Lamon Bay and the Pacific Ocean, Cagbalete Island is under the municipality of Mauban Quezon and is only about 3 hours away by bus from Manila followed by a less than an hour boat ride from Mauban to Sabang Port.

    It was a holy week and the thought of road tripping through traffic-less roads was pure pleasure! We decided to get to ...

  • Mauban Quezon-Cagbalete Island X Dahoyhoy Falls

    Adventure at Cagbalete Island and Dahoyhoy Falls in Mauban, Quezon.

  • Cagbalete An Island Two People And Two Thousand Pesos

    Cagbalete An Island Two People And Two Thousand Pesos

    Okay, so! I know there are a ton of blogs out there detailing how you can get to Cagbalete Island for less than two thousand pesos (check out my favorite from The Lost Kids PH and The Shoestring Diary). But, here's the kicker. Most of those posts involve groups of people no less than five. Well, the boyfriend and I went to Cagbalete last weekend, and we each only spent a grand total of Php1,900!

    Honestly, I was kind of amazed with how we managed to spend so little money, considering it was just the two of us. So I decided to make my first ever actual travel blog post! (Clearly, my other tra ...

  • Dahoyhoy Falls Mauban Beyond Cagbalete Island

    Dahoyhoy Falls Mauban Beyond Cagbalete Island

    The sleepy town of Mauban, Quezon has become popular in recent years due to Cagbalete Island. Unknown to many, however, the inland section of the town is home to caves, forests and ??" according to the locals ??" more than twenty waterfalls. Most of the waterfalls have not yet been documented. But at least three are well-known by now and readily accessible. Just recently we decided to visit the most popular and accessible cascade of the three: Dahoyhoy Falls.

    While the drive to Mauban town from Metro Manila normally takes around 4 hours or so, we were visiting Nina's aunt and uncle who buil ...