Kamay Ni Hesus

Lucban, Quezon

Kamay ni Hesus was built under the leadership of Fr. Joseph Faller, a well-known healing priest. It is located in Brgy. Tinamnan, Lucban, Quezon. Kamay ni Hesus is a healing center where a healing mass is being conducted in the chapel every Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9:30 in the morning.

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  • A Day Well-Spent In Kamay Ni Hesus In Lucban Quezon

    A Day Well-Spent In Kamay Ni Hesus In Lucban Quezon

    It was a good decision to explore Lucban, specifically Kamay ni Hesus, one Saturday morning with my parents and my son, Gavin. I was under the impression that there's nothing to explore but I was wrong and found myself guilty about it. It was a 3-hour trip but it was all worth it.

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    Travel Guide How To Get To Lucban Quezon From Metro Manila

    Lucban is one of the Municipalities in Quezon Province, north of Manila. It is famous for Pahiyas Festival which is held every 15th of May.

    How to get thereā€¦.

    by Public Transportation from Metro Manila (Quezon City):

    1. Take a bus (Jac Liner, Lucena Lines, Grand Star, or Tritran/Jam bus) bound to Lucena City. Passenger terminals are located in EDSA-Kamuning/Kamias in Quezon City. You'll get off at Lucena Grand Terminal. (Duration : approx 5 hours, Fare: Php200+)

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  • Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine In Quezon

    Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine In Quezon

    Located in Barangay Tinamnan, Lucban in the province of Quezon, Kamay ni Hesus Shrine is a famous religious shrine and grotto of the province.

    Also known as Via Dolorosa Grotto, Kamay ni Hesus was built under the initiative of Fr. Joseph "Joey" Faller in 2003. He is known as a gifted healing priest. Due to Fr. Faller's healing masses, Kamay ni Hesus became one of the country's most visited healing centers.

    One of the highlights of Kamay ni Hesus is the 50-foot statue of Christ with his arm wide open found on the top of a hill. This statue is often referred to as the Risen Christ or Ascen ...