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  • Jomalig Island Promised Land

    Jomalig Island Promised Land

    Jomalig Island is one of the tourist destinations in the province of Quezon. It is considered as the best beach in Quezon. It has been getting rave reviews from bloggers and travelers because of its beauty and serenity ??" its crystal clear water and powdery golden beach.

  • Exploring Jomalig Island Home Of Quezons Golden Sand And More

    Exploring Jomalig Island Home Of Quezons Golden Sand And More

    Ever since I saw pictures of Jomalig (pronounced as "Ho-ma-lig") last year, I already aimed to visit the place and explore what it has to offer. And I finally did it during the past weekend! I was awed with its glorious golden sands! And to my surprise it still has a lot to offer besides its famous golden sands. What are these? Read along to find out.

    This is a 2-day itinerary in exploring the beautiful island of Jomalig, Quezon.

  • Experience The Philippines With Salibungot Beach

    Experience The Philippines With Salibungot Beach

    The shore line of Salibungot beach is painted with a golden fine sand that definitely make it unique. Its golden sand complements the crystal turquoise water. Locals friendly makes this place a package for a total escape from the bustle city life.

    Where is Salibungot Beach?

    Salibungot Beach sits 82 kilometers away from the shore of Real in the province of Quezon. It's shoreline sits in the southwestern edge of Jomalig island facing the Lamon Bay of Polilio group of island.

    What to do in Salibungot Beach?
    It's crystal clear turquoise blue sea water is perfect for snorkeling or simply ...

  • Jomalig Island Real Quezon

    Jomalig Island Real Quezon

    The idea of going to Jomalig Island did not enter my mind, until a friend posted some pictures of the place on Intagram. Suddenly I found myself researching about Jomalig Island. Allured by the beauty of Jomalig, my friends and I decided to plan for a trip going there. But it took us a month for our plan to finally push through.

    Jomalig is known for its golden fine sand located at Quezon Province. It's a long ride from Manila to Quezon, it may take 3-4 hours via land transportation and 5-6 hours by boat transport it also includes the "habal-habal" (motorcycle) ride.


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  • Solo Travel To Jomalig For 3D2N

    Solo Travel To Jomalig For 3D2N

    Summer mode is already on! I can feel the heat of the weather and the best place to beat this heat is at the beach. Jomalig Island in Quezon province is still just a dream in my list but I am so thankful for meeting fellow backpackers online who are kind enough to share their DIY travel guide for Jomalig.

    Last year, I featured a couple who went here as well so I was able to write about DIY Itinerary to Jomalig Island - A Backpacker's Guide. You can click HERE to read it. If you had enough of white sand beaches, Jomalig will surely captivate you with its golden fine sand!

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  • Jomalig 2017 By The Eechy Feet

    Jomalig Island is the most Easternmost Island of Quezon which offers one of the most unspoiled beaches with its unique golden sands. It took us 4 hour van travel from Manila to Real and a gruelling 5 hour bumpy boat ride. Going here is a bit tough especially those who can't stomach the big waves of the pacific but once you see the island, the turquoise beach, the cheapest seafoods and the very hospitable locals, you will be craving for another visit. We will definitely go back here - at least a week stay maybe..

    Thanks to Jox for the GoPro shots

    And a BIG thanks to the joiners who avail ...