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  • Jomalig Island Are We Golden

    Jomalig Island Are We Golden

    Golden sand, pristine beach, crystal clear waters? Who doesn't want these? And yes, I am referring to one of our islands here in the Philippines and that is Jomalig Island. If you're not familiar with this Island don't worry, not many people are(that was before I went there).

    Jomalig was unknown to me as well, until one day a friend (whom I met in Boracay and who loves to travel as well) asked me if I wanted to join her trip there. I searched for it on google (read one or two blogs about it) and I didn't think twice giving a big YES! As long as it has something to do with travel especially ...

  • Clipper Rock Mag-Asawang Bato And Balagbag Falls In Real Quezon

    Clipper Rock Mag-asawang Bato And Balagbag Falls In Real Quezon.

  • A Lenten Pilgrimage Amid Natures Splendor

    A Lenten Pilgrimage Amid Natures Splendor

    The quiet, reflective calm of Timberland Heights' suburban mountains will provide the idyllic setting for prayer and meditation this Lenten Season as Filinvest stages the Stations of the Cross amid its rugged terrain, lush foliage, panoramic views, and crisp highland breeze just 15 kilometers from Quezon City.

    Rediscovering One's Faith
    Dubbed as "Walk of Faith," this religious-inspired activity in Timberland Heights will feature the 14 Stations along a hillside path, some 350 meters above sea level, with some of the most breathtaking views of the Metro Manila Skyline, Laguna de Bay, Tagayt ...