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  • Sun Sand And Storm At Cagbalete Island

    Sun Sand And Storm At Cagbalete Island

    For the second half of our Quezon trip, Daryl took us to Cagbalete Island in Mauban. I've wanted to go to this island since 2013 but for various reasons, I never had the chanceā€¦ until now. Thank you, Daryl. :)

    To reach Cagbalate Island, you'd have to to take a 45-minute ferry ride. You need to take a tricycle to the Mauban port. Trips are scheduled but since it was the weekend of festivals, there were a lot of passengers and there was no fixed schedule. Boats just leave when they're full. Cagbalete is getting a lot of attention now so more people are visiting; make sure you come early so ...

  • Philippines Musky Fruit Bat in Tayabas

    We are from Italy and we went to Philippines for our vacation. During an excursion on Mt. Banahaw, Tayabas Philippines, we discovered a professor and some students who where studying the protected wildlife. One of the species that did catch our imagination is the Musky fruit eater bat. The sound they made and the way those girls handled this strange animals is incredible, just as incredible was the surrounding and Mt. Banahaw itself: the sacred Mountain!

  • Restoring the lost forest of Sierra Madre

    Restoring the lost forest of Sierra Madre

    The SM Foundation and BDO Foundation have recently partnered for the first time in an effort to grow a million trees (GAMT) in the Antipolo side of the Sierra Madre mountain range to restore lost forest cover. It is the 12th tree-planting activity of the SM Foundation, but the first for the partnership.

    The tree-planting activity was the launch pad for the partnership between BDO Foundation and SM Foundation's Livelihood and Outreach group and the Sitio San Ysiro Upland and Lowland Farmers Association headed by Chairman Claude Casilla of the people's organization.

    Covering 20 hectares o ...