Cagbalete Island

Mauban, Quezon

Cagbalete Island is a 1,640.4874-hectare property located east of Quezon Province (in Luzon, north of the Philippines). Part of Mauban, Quezon, it rests along the waters of Lamon Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Although all areas of the island are privately-owned, the southwestern part of it is populated by a number of Visayan fisherfolks who have settled in the idle lands. Known as "Sabang", this fish ...

ing village can be estimated to be populated by over a thousand people. These people have learned to live through by earning money from fishing, farming (there are ricefields in certain areas), woodcutting, getting lumber and copra, and drying/ processing seaweeds

Home to a number of species of land animals and sea creatures such as Kingfishers, parrots, eagles, tabon birds and other uncommon species, it is also the habitat of coconut crab or "kuray" (the Cagbalete favorite), starfishes, "alimasag", "umang", etc., and a long time ago, the "pawikan" (giant sea turtle). In the last 3 years, the local townfolks have reported several sightings of threatened and endangered species such as sea turtles, juvenile whalesharks and dugongs foraging among the seagrass, seaweeds and mangrove areas.

Cagbalete Island News

  • Cagbalete Island Nilandingan Cove Quezon For 2D 1N Trip

    Cagbalete Island Nilandingan Cove Quezon For 2D 1N Trip

    A weekend getaway is what we are always hungry for. As for me, even an overnight trip over the beach, always do the trick. The sand in my feet, the sun in my skin, the salt water we soak with and the fresh air we breath into as we spend it with our friends relaxes our mind, our soul and our tired body.

  • Quezon Cagbalete Island Revisited

    Quezon Cagbalete Island Revisited

    One of the islands I have visited when I was new at travel blogging is Cagbalete Island. The trip back then brought some lasting memories the long shoreline during low tide the beautiful sunrise the captivating Bonsai Islets and of course, traveling with "the" Dong Ho and meeting some other folks I have become friends with.

  • Why It Is Great To Get Stranded Sometimes

    Why It Is Great To Get Stranded Sometimes

    There are a lot of reasons why getting stranded pisses everyone off. For one, if you are employed, your leave credits will be deducted. It ruins your scheduled appointments or meetings and costs you more money as well. But getting stranded is also great sometimes. Interesting? Please continue reading to find out why.

  • Cagbalete Island Quezon Province

    Cagbalete Island Quezon Province

    Lalalats went to Quezon Province last May 2017 for Jomalig Island and Pahiyas Festival (click here to read blog post), Cagbalete is on our list but due to work schedule, we failed to tick this gem off our bucket list.

  • DIY A Night In Cagbalete Island

    DIY A Night In Cagbalete Island

    Cagbalete Island is part of the municipality of Mauban in the province of Quezon. It is 98.6 km east of Manila.

    Its unspoiled beauty and accessibility to Manila makes it an island destination to add to your travel wish list. Be warned though, electricity in the island is available on from 6PM - 6AM. Here's how you can have your own DIY: A Night in Cagbalete Island...

    Your adventure begins in Manila. Head to one of the bus terminals below and board a bus that leaves very early in the morning:

    Jac Liner Inc.

    LRT/Buendia Terminal
    Donada St. cor. Buendia, Pasay City
    ☎ 274-824 ...

  • Cagbalete Island Your Next Weekend Destination

    Cagbalete Island Your Next Weekend Destination

    Here's how you can enjoy a Cagbalete Island weekend in Quezon for less than P1,000.

    Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Manila without spending too much time and money? Don't fret. It can be done.

    Several hours away from Manila, you can experience white sand, turqouise waters, and the beauty of nature in one of the unspoiled beaches of Southern Luzon: Cagbalete Island.

    Imagine yourself waking up to the sound of chirping birds and the calming sound of the sea lapping at the shore. Picture yourself taking in views of the blue horizon while breathing fresh air, all day.

    Cag ...