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  • The Timelessness Of Binumbunan Island And Tasting Hinalo

    The Timelessness Of Binumbunan Island And Tasting Hinalo

    Island getaway

    Off the coast of my mom's hometown of Infanta in Quezon Province is Polillo Island. It was where I spent my last day in 2016. She had always persuaded me not to visit it because of its notorious reputation to cuddle communist NPA rebels and those whom she perceives to practice witchcraft. She would always tell stories of rebel recruits and the occult even if she has not stepped foot on the island in her life. She's that paranoid. It was always someone else's story which led me to ignore her bidding. The first chance I got last year, I boarded a passenger barge from the port o ...

  • Isla Puting Bato And Buguitay Island Hidden Jewels Of Burdeos Quezon

    Isla Puting Bato And Buguitay Island Hidden Jewels Of Burdeos Quezon

    Our first stop is Isla Puting Bato. I felt my adrenaline rush as soon I caught glimpse of the rock formations. I already pictured myself spelunking in one of the caves that huse high-wide snakes. By the way, the island is known to the locals as a home for different kinds of snakes.

    Unfortunately, the boatman told us that we cannot land on the island since it's low tide already. According to him, it's best to go there in the morning when there is no risks for the boat to bump with the big rocks in hte sea bed near the island. Although it was a site to behold, I was really disappointed t ...

  • Hidden Jewels Of Quezon

    Hidden Jewels Of Quezon

    Burdeos, Quezon is an anonymous piece of lotusland, an unexplored paradise. The undiscovered of most indeed!

    Worthy Travel: An Impressive Experience for First Timer

    The first time I got in Burdeos, Quezon, I was tongue-tied and all amazed upon seeing the places. Splendid is the word to say! Travelling across the sea is not boring even though I'm just sitting because I really enjoyed the view. My eyes widens (every minute I think) as I saw new things and vicinities before getting on our destination.

    From the boat, I saw the numerous, bushy trees and white sand shining because of the su ...

  • Bird Watching At Minasawa Bird Sanctuary

    Minasawa is an island just off the town of Jomalig but still part of Burdeos, Quezon. This 4.5-hectare island is established as a sanctuary by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to protect the bird population in the area. At present, there are about five species of birds thriving here.

    Birds Species
    • Nutmeg Imperial Pigeon
    • Black Naped Oriole
    • Rufus Night Heron
    • Amusling
    • Swifts

    Aside from the different kinds of birds that can be found in the area, you can also enjoy going to the nearby beach. The beach is ideal for swimming and picnic. It's a perfect ...