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  • Dapitan City More Than Just A Shrine City

    Dapitan City More Than Just A Shrine City

    In part one of my feature on Dapitan City, I talked about the more popular places to see and experience. Part two tackles the natural part of Dapitan as well as the civic and heritage wonders of the city.


    I was wrong when I thought that Dapitan is just all about Rizal and Dakak. Truth is, this Shrine City of Mindanao is home to a number of natural wonders that is truly something that Dapitan can boast. It has long coasts, majestic waterfalls, pristine cave system and rivers that remain untainted to this day. In Ba-ao, the Kamanganon Cave is a must vi ...

  • Dapitan City Gears Up For 2017 Kinabayo Festival

    Dapitan City Gears Up For 2017 Kinabayo Festival

    Dapitan City, the "Shrine City of the Philippines," is bracing for the influx of tourists later this month as it celebrates the annual Kinabayo Festival, an official said on Saturday.

    "The Kinabayo Festival is held annually in honor of our patron saint, Saint James the Greater, who is also the patron saint of the entire Spain," Apple Marie Agolong, Dapitan tourism officer, said in an interview.

    "We invite tourists to come as there are many changes that happened in Dapitan City over the years," she said.

    Dapitan, a part of Zamboanga del Norte, is famous for the renowned Dakak Beach Res ...

  • Finding Rizal And Solitude In Dapitan

    Finding Rizal And Solitude In Dapitan

    In the month of June, we celebrate our nation's Independence Day. June also happens to be the birth month of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. I cap this month by paying tribute to Rizal as I reminisce the time when we visited the Rizal Shrine in Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte.

    Rizal's Life in Dapitan

    Dapitan is a sleepy city where you can find some peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Definitely, it is a great place for a vacation. However, Rizal came here as an exile when he was deported by then Governor General Eulogio Despujol. But what was supposed to be a ...

  • Tesda Opens Its Door To Indigenous People

    Tesda Opens Its Door To Indigenous People

    Some 100 Subanens and Kalibugans have attended the provincial consultation organized by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda), in cooperation with the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP).

    The forum was held in Dipolog City on March 30.

    Engr. Alan Bacatan, Tesda-Zamboanga del Norte head, said the forum is the first undertaking under the new administration to solicit from tribal leaders and members about the projects needed by the indigenous people (IPs) in their communities.

    NCIP Regional Director Salong Sunggod urged the IPs to take advantage of ...

  • Time Travelling In Dapitan City

    Time Travelling In Dapitan City

    When you get to see a certain thing everyday, it tends to get ordinary. This was the same feeling I got with my hometown until such time that I can only visit at least once a year. Visiting Dapitan is not just remembering my childhood, it's also like moving back to time because of its rich history and you can still see traces of the previous century on every corner of the city.

    Casa Residencia. The main house of Rizal and the biggest of the five houses. It's a one bedroom home, overlooking Dapitan bay.

    Casa Redonda. The 8-sided house which serves as a dormitory of Rizal's students.

    Jo ...

  • Exploring Dakak

    Exploring Dakak

    Growing up I've always seen advertisements on TV, calendars and even other print ads about this place in Mindanao. What I remember most is seeing pictures of the famous white sand at this place printed on white T-shirts sold in small department stores back then here in Dumaguete with the big five-letter word embossed on the shirts that says D-A-K-A-K. I dunno but I always have this funny thought when I was young that the place is extravagant and only rich people can visit or afford. I am not sure if it's just me or a lot of people also thought the same thing about Dakak.

    Dakak Beach Resort ...