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  • Guide To Canding Falls Or Kanding Falls In San Clemente Tarlac

    On my last post, we were late to discover that there was a waterfall at Barangay Maasin. Now let me share our experience going to this waterfall the day after our swim at Canding River. The adventure started at 9 o'clock in the morning, an hour earlier than Canding River visit due to the fact that we will have to walk. We also don't have the idea about the path to take. The kid who informed us that there's a waterfall at Canding lives close to the river with his family so, we will just have to ask direction from there.

    The trekking started 10 A.M. We traversed the river bank where a path ...

  • Mayantoc A Tarlac Town That Is a Haven For The Outdoors

    While Tarlac may not be known as a tourist destination, it does have some wonders worth your time. Often overlooked in favor of more northern destinations like Baguio, a short stopover in this province isn't a bad idea – especially in the villages located in the hilly regions. Mayantoc is one such place.

    Although hailed as the Summer Capital of Tarlac, it isn't like Baguio where one can seek reprieve from the punishing heat. Instead, what you have here is a place filled with adventures set in nature. As one of the villages located along the western mountain ranges, it's not a surprise to ...

  • Playing Tourist At Canding River Camiling Tarlac

    It was summer when we visited our friend in Camiling Tarlac. We got bored and asked kuya Willie if there's a river where we can swim and have picnic there. He said he heard about Canding River before but not sure of its location. His cousin heard our conversation and exclaimed "I know about Canding River." We looked at him and asked different questions at the same time!

    We found out that the Canding River is located in a nearby town of San Clemente in Barangay of Maasin. The planned swimming spread immediately and almost all the neighborhood wanted to join the fun. We rented a jeepney ...

  • A Dayhike To Mount Damas And Ubod Falls

    A Dayhike to Mount Damas and Ubod Falls located in the municipality of San Clemente, Tarlac, Philippines.

  • Red Carpet Events By Chill L Charity Event Aeta Village Capas Tarlac

    "We rise by Lifting others.

    "Special thanks to Philippine Air Force
    A2C Melrone Cano and A2C Anjoe Llamasares

  • Mount Damas Traverse Dayhike

    Traverse from Dueg, San Clemente, Tarlac to Papaac, Camiling, Tarlac + Ubod Falls with Sir Joseph, Sir Robin, Ma'm Aiko, & Sir Mark. A super shaky video compilation. Watch in HD lol