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  • Feel A Different Kind Of Thrill With This Capas ATV Adventure

    Calling all thrill-seekers, aspiring thrill-seekers, and ambivalent thrill-seekers alike! If you are looking for a rush of adrenaline, without the crazy life-threatening risks involved, you might want to check out this fun activity in Capas, Tarlac. Only a few hours away from Manila, Capas ATV Adventure offers different packages designed to satiate your need for speed while taking you through some breathtaking experiences. Curious? Here's what to expect when you go for a ride of a lifetime.

    Choose your adventure

    Capas ATV Adventure has 4 different packages, catering to varying levels of ...

  • Aetas Of The Luzon

    A country divided by the sea and mountain ridges offer us surprises and happiness that we would not expect to find in the corners of the forest. A trip worth remembering to the Aetas in Bamban, Tarlac.

    It was 30th of November 2014 when I joined a team of doctors, nurses, pastors, and volunteers of Solid Rock Ministries to do a medical mission to the Aetas in a small community in Bamban, Tarlac. Well, this is one of the activities that I love the most. Going to communities that are in need of something. And this time, they need medical help. Im not a doctor, so I would not dare do some check ...

  • First Major Hike Mount Damas

    My first hike of the year! It's in Brgy. Papaac, Camiling, Tarlac together with Monxter Outdoor. Mt. Damas stood at 685 masl and had a difficulty level of 6/9.

    I wasn't that ready for this hike, to be honest. And then I didn't even research about this mountain. Who would've thought that at 600+ meters, it'd be considered a major hike? Yes, you heard it right. This was my first major hike and I WAS NOT PREPARED for it. There went my hope to have an easy and relaxing hike.

    So what went on during the hike?

    First, it was easy. Yeah, yeah. The trail was calm and peaceful. I still got to la ...

  • Mount Damas Traverse

    Located in the bordering towns of Mayantoc, Camiling and San Clemente in Tarlac province, Mt. Damas stands at only 2250 ft. above sea level but has gained notoriety as "small but terrible mountain".

    Is not as high compared to other major mountains but the trail that leads to the summit offers a great challenge to hikers due to it's steepness which is comprised of full assault and cardiac trails on an open grassland ridges thus earning the right to be classified as a major hike.

    Ironically, the jump off point in Dueg resettlement area has almost the same elevation as Mt. Damas, thus maki ...

  • Watch Girl Wishes To Be Next Aeta Teacher From Her Village

    How far are you willing to go to get an education?

    In Bamban, Tarlac, students of Sitio Burog Elementary School endure a long uphill walk to reach their school everyday. There's only been one college graduate from the town ever since.

    This is where MovePH met Ericka Cosme, a 15-year-old Aeta student who wishes to be a teacher in her school someday.

    "I want to be a teacher so that I can help the children here," Cosme said in Filipino.

    There are 200 students in Sitio Burog Elementary School, with only 2 teachers and 3 classrooms. But this does not dampen the students' eagerness to le ...

  • Belenismo Festival The Reason For The Season

    Christmas means so many things to many people. It means carols being played on radio as early as September, city streets filled with lights in Metro Manila and elsewhere, Sta. Claus figures in malls, exchanging of gifts at Christmas parties, Christmas trees covered with lights and with a bright star at the top.

    In 2007, the Tarlac Heritage Foundation thought that in all these festivities, all the bright lights and color, all the singing and all the joy of the holiday, there was need to remind everyone of the real essence of Christmas – the reason for the season – which is the birth of C ...