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  • Tacurong Bird Festival A Celebration Of Wildlife Conservation

    One of SOX's premier tourist destinations is the center of the 3rd Tacurong Bird Festival, the first and the only bird festival in South Central Mindanao. This is the Baras Bird Sanctuary, home to tens of thousands of cageless wonders of SocCSkSarGen Region.

    Baras Bird Sanctuary in the City of Tacurong covers about two hectares of land that is home to more than 20,000 beautiful birds of different types. The area is situated beside a river and very close to swamplands, wetlands, and marshes. In 2002, Baras was declared a bird sanctuary by the city government.

    Developed as eco-tourism site ...

  • Falling In Love Again With Kalamansigs Balut Island

    I have high standards in choosing a beach destination in summer or any other day of the year but the lack of amenities notwithstanding, I fell in love once more with this island paradise during my second visit just before Christmas day.

    Our group started our journey in Nuro, Upi, Maguindanao. The land trip took us an hour and a half along the long and winding Cotabato to Lebak road. The paved highway has opened more economic activities in the area and expedited the movement of agricultural products unlike in the past when one had to ride the huge wooden boats or lancha of the Biruar Shippi ...

  • Waling Waling Orchid Vanda Sanderiana New Philippines National Flower

    Why should Waling-waling orchid be declared as a national flower in the Philippines?

    Waling-waling is not only indigenous but also endemic to the Philippines compared to the Sampaguita, a native plant from India and Arabia.

    Over thousand of orchids species thrive in the Philippines. They're known for their exotic beauty.

    Waling-waling is known as the best orchid variety in the Philippines. It usually lives in the tropical forest of Mount Apo in Davao and Zamboanga del Sur.

    Waling-waling is described as the "Queen of Philippine Orchids". It's the most beautiful and the rarest orchi ...

  • A Story Behind A Full Blood Filipino With Her Blue Eyes But Shes Completely Deaf

    The eyelids that cover her eyes, like a shy turtle slowly wanting to keep her head when you're straining to touch her. The minute she opened her eyes, it was as though a pair of curtains had been moved away on both sides of the window slowly revealing the view of the crystal blue sea from outside. She smiled, she noticed that John had been giving her an astonishing kind of face like a forlorn man losing himself for a while. The girl slowly covering her eyes once more, trying to be egoistic as what her inner timid self made her for a moment. John smiled and greet her with a comforting hello, bu ...

  • Teduray Tribe Of Ugis They Conform To Natures Wonder

    Spend a day listening to the leaves rustle and the strong waves of the wind breaking up in the forest and then make friends with locals of the community is one of the best things in life where we rarely experienced it when we go out of our comfort zone.

    My very first day in Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat was a blessing to behold. I was welcomed by the enticing culture of Teduray tribe. But just before I was introduced to the rich culture of Teduray in Ugis, Michael from Esperanza Tourism Office took me to the disregarded nature's beauty of Ugis. We have passed by to some of the amazing view tha ...

  • Marguez Hot And Cold Spring Blend Into The Forest

    As the cold wind freely touching my surface like a bar on which birds perch; I smell and caught the last moist gathering together while humbly dripping on the ground. The birds were singing on their cloying tone of voice, feeding me a comfortable feeling while working my way to the verdant forest where I'm going to see the hot and cold spring as it perfectly rhymes to the weather on the day of my visit.

    The rainy season is actually here as it brings a cold blast that will send you indoors cooped up just about a place, heaters and high power bills. But don't allow the cold give you the indoo ...