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  • Summer Vlog Day 3 Bicol 2017, Butanding Watching In Sorsogon

    Hi, I know I say this a lot but I worked hard editing this video and I enjoyed so much!! I hope you love it and I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed being in Sorsogon!! Thanks for watching, I love you! Feel free to comment down below if you have suggestions, questions or anything else to say!! I'd love to talk to you!

  • Tourist Spots In Sorsogon

    Tourist Spots In Sorsogon

    A trip to Sorsogon will never be complete unless you visit these places having finished an exhausting yet invigorating Island hopping around Matnog!

  • Best Of The Philippines Whale Shark Watching In Donsol

    Best Of The Philippines Whale Shark Watching In Donsol

    Swimming with whale sharks tops most bucket lists. There are only a few destinations around the world that offer this one-of-a-kind experience, though, and the Philippines happens to be one of the places in Asia that does, specifically Donsol.

    Donsol is a premier tourist destination and should not be passed up when you explore the beautiful islands of the Philippines. What's particularly special about Donsol is that it offers you the RIGHT way to swim with the whale sharks (or butanding, as they are called locally).

    Unlike in Oslob, Cebu where the whale sharks are fed and stay in a defi ...

  • 2 Pawikan Nalambat Sa Sorsogon

    2 Pawikan Nalambat Sa Sorsogon

    Dalawang olive ridley turtle na naipit sa lambat nga mga mangingisda ang itinurn-over sa Municipal Agriculture Office, Miyerkoles ng umaga.

    Tinatayang aabot sa 40-50 na kilo ang bawat isang pawikan.

    Ayon sa mga awtoridad, papakawalan din sa karagatan ang mga pawikan ngayong araw.

    Ito na ang ika-walo at ika-siyam na pawikan na naiturn-over sa lokal na pamahalaan ng bayan ngayong taon.

    Isa ang olive ridley turtle sa mga uri ng pawikan na endangered na.

  • Home Away From Home Falling In Love With Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp

    Home Away From Home Falling In Love With Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp

    I can't believe I am publishing this just now given the love I have for this camp. I know, I have too many backlogs. I wrote this long before but haven't published yet and I really wanted to sum up my whole experience on this single post so pardon me if this will be more than a thousand words and there are loads to share plus I did add some new photos too. And seriously, I need to learn to come up with a shorter title. But this camp deserves more than that and I am struggling to come up with the best title (probably one of the main reason why I haven't published it yet before) but I think ther ...

  • Assignment Asia Swimming With Whale Sharks

    Whale shark tourism is a growing industry in the Philippines, attracting thousands of visitors and generating millions of dollars in income every year. But environmentalists say excessive interaction with humans and the practice of feeding the whale sharks are harming the endangered species. Barnaby Lo traveled to Oslob and Donsol, two coastal towns with different ways of giving people close encounters with the gentle giants of the sea.