Siquijor News

  • Cambugahay Falls Siquior

    One of my favorite spot in Siquior is the Cambugahay falls, it has three levels of short but wide size that is not very intimidating to jump in. This is why many people enjoy doing there Tarzan jump with the vines on the trees.

    It is not very hard going to this place, you will only descend to long cemented stairs. It is only a challenge going up for those who are not that fit.

    The best time to go here is summer where the water is saturated light blue.

    When we went here it was rainy that's why the water is kinda muddy but still I enjoy the lovely and mysterious place. There was no ent ...

  • Siquijor Around The Mystic Island Of The Philippines

    Siquijor is a small island with so much to offer, from beautiful beaches to century old churches. It's a place where you can enjoy tranquility and have a glimpse of its history.

    We had a chance to see some of the tourist destinations in Siquijor. Our driver Kuya Danny was very kind to show us the most beautiful places on the island.

    St Isidore de Labrador Church or Lazi Church
    Location: Lazi, Siquijor

    The church is one of the oldest Roman Catholic Church which is located in the municipality of Lazi. Being colonized by Spain for 333 years, the influence of Christianity in regards to t ...

  • Must-see Places For The Holy Week

    Many Filipinos combine religion and summer vacation to get a relief from the stress of daily living. To help get the best of Holy Week, real-estate web site MyProperty recommended some of the must-go sites even after Holy Week that might be less crowded and just perfect for the season.


    The mystical island of Siquijor also boasts various tourist destinations. Some of the most noted are the Isla del Fuego, the pristine beaches in San Juan town and the centuries-old Saint Francis de Asisi Parish, which is also the biggest convent in the country, built in 1884. Moreover, Siquijor a ...

  • Amazing Waterfall Siquijor

    Travel Amazing Waterfall Siquijor.

  • Cebu, Siquijor Island And Bohol The Philippines

    So after Palawan we decided to re visit Cebu and head to a couple of islands called Bohol and Siquijor Island, they were amazing. Unfortunately the weather was not great this week so we had to miss a few main spots in Bohol and then travel plans were messed up due to delays so we only had 18 hours on Siquijor Island!

  • Pinoy Aquaman Swims From Dumaguete To Siquijor MindaNews Page 4

    Endurance swimmer and environmental lawyer Ingemar "Pinoy Aquaman" Macarine did another first in his Dumaguete City to Siquijor swim, breaking his longest personal record in his open-water swimming carrier.

    Bucking strong currents, Macarine crossed Tañon Strait from Silliman Beach in Dumaguete to Barangay Tambisan in this town covering a total distance of 24.65 kilometers in 11 hours and 21 minutes.

    Macarine's swim today is his longest since going into open water swimming sport on December 31, 2013 breaking his longest record during the Visayas-Mindanao swim in 2014 which was 23 kilomet ...