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  • A Forest In Each Brgy In Cabucgayan Samar

    A rainforest reforestation project will be established in every barangay in this town, a report from the mayor's office said here today.

    Cabucgayan Mayor Edwin Masbang told reporters in an interview that the rainforest reforestation project will initially reforest denuded areas to revive the wholesome environment of this town.

    "Initially the project is designed in a one-hectare area in every barangay, serving as the watershed to revive the forests together with the springs serving as water sources of the barangays and at the same time for soil erosion control," Masbang said.

    Masbang s ...

  • Samar Town Rids Coastal Waters Of Plastic Waste

    Samar Town Rids Coastal Waters Of Plastic Waste

    It's a long-term effort to get rid of the single-use throw-away culture,' says Pinabacdao Mayor Teodorico Mabag.

    The local government and residents of Pinabacdao town have banded together to rid their coastal waters of plastic trash.

    Every month, residents collect plastic waste along the coast to keep the garbage from getting to the sea. Some 24 communities in the town are also educated on the environmental hazards of plastic use.

    Pinabacdao Mayor Teodorico Mabag told Rappler in an interview that they are planning to conduct coastal cleanups in a different location each month to ensur ...

  • Culture The Arts Are Serious Business In Calbayog City

    Culture The Arts Are Serious Business In Calbayog City

    Matters of the arts and culture are serious business in this city??"so serious that the city government is spending good money for its preservation, popularization and sustainability. No other local government in the country can match.

    While other cities and towns in the country would only take time to notice culture and the arts during fiestas to attract and entertain visitors, cultural and artistic activities here go year-round albeit in less scale on ordinary days.

    The city government has created a separate department for culture and the arts??"the Calbayog City Arts and Culture Offic ...

  • Calbayog City Steps Up Fight Vs Dynamite Fishing

    Calbayog City Steps Up Fight Vs Dynamite Fishing

    The City Government here has intensified its fight against dynamite fishing amid enforcement of four-month commercial fishing ban on Samar Sea.

    Mayor Ronald Aquino said many coral reefs in Calbayog waters have been destroyed due to destructive fishing, affecting income of small fisherman and tourism activities.

    "We will not tolerate these illegal fishers who come and steal our resources. Our livelihood, economy, and our food all depend on our seas and we wanted our children and grandchildren to enjoy these resources," Aquino said on Thursday, April 27.

    A task force composed of local ...

  • Cave Developed As Evacuation Site In Samar

    Cave Developed As Evacuation Site In Samar

    Residents of Marabut town learned the importance of disaster preparedness the hard way after Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) obliterated their coastal villages, killing 23 people in its wake.

    Without a designated evacuation site, the people sought shelter in the different caves in the coastal villages of Tinabanan, Calauayan, and Veloso. Since then, local authorities have sought to identify and develop safe evacuation sites for coastal communities.

    "We can't just ignore natural disasters and this is now part of our landscape. This may happen anytime and they may be as devastating as Typho ...

  • The Appeal Of Appendicula Species

    The Appeal Of Appendicula Species

    It seems that the majority of orchid lovers like to look at big flowers. This makes sense as these large flowers are very easy to observe. But we need to take the time to look at the miniature flowers too, because these blooms are just as lovely as their larger relatives. In this article, we want to introduce you to some of the smaller flowered species. None of the flowers mentioned here is bigger than 6 mm across the widest point of the flower.

    The genus Appendicula was established by Dr. Carl Blume, in 1825, in his Bijdragen from plants collected in Java. The generic name is from the Lati ...