Romblon News

  • The Idyllic Charms Of Romblon

    Romblon is a province that you visit to watch time flitter by. Its rustic charm and idyllic vibe are much like the slow lapping of the waves on its powdery sand beaches and the slow, controlled movements of the clouds as they turn from white to orange at sunset.

    When I visited Romblon, I was looking for exactly that kind of getaway, even just for a few days.

    Slow days

    I arrived on Tablas Island late in the afternoon, which in my experience was a bad time to arrive in the province. Since most of the public transportation has either taken or just about to take their last trip for the da ...

  • Escape To Looc Sanctuary

    I've been there once but I was too young to remember such experience. So luckily, I am able to revisit this place recently.

    Looc is a small town in the Province of Romblon, a few kilometers away from my hometown. The Looc Fish Sanctuary is one of their leading tourist destinations. It is just a walking distance from the local market.

    We arrived in Looc the night before through motorcycle. In the morning, we headed to our point of destination. It is locally known as Parola. When we got there in Parola, we headed to Bantay Dagat Building to pay the fee and enlist our names, age and gender. ...

  • Dalawang Pawikan Na Natagpuan Sa Isang Hukay Ibinalik Na Sa Karagatan

    Nasagip ng mga tauhan ng Philippine National Police (PNP) at Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) ng Romblon ang dalawang pawikan sa bayan ng Sta. Maria noong Martes ng umaga, March 7.

    Ang nasabing pawikan ay nakuha sa isang hukay malapit sa dalampasigan ng Sitio Tuburan, Brgy. Concepcion Norte, Sta. Maria, Romblon. Ayon kay Benito Largueza na pansamatalang nag-alaga ng nasabing mga pawikan, nakita aniya niya ang mga ito sa hukay malapit sa kanilang bahay kaya inalagaan niya ito at pinakain ng isda.

    Ayon Kay Engr. Raymundo Inocencio, Provincial Environment and Natural R ...

  • The Untouched Beauty Of Romblon

    Romblon is my home town and I am very proud that I was raised in this small archipelago. My early years was surrounded by rice field, trees, and marbles, I thought the province of Romblon is composed of such but I was wrong. When I started traveling that's the time that I discovered that my home town has a lot to offer. From the untouched beaches, unexplored caves, mountains, underwater richness and may others. This article will show you how beautiful Romblon is. Allow me to introduce to you the gorgeous tourist destinations in Romblon.

    Let's start with Cresta de Gallo (photo above) in Sib ...

  • 24 Hours In Manila

    Manila is for many just a stopover on the way to the many beach destinations or to the north of the Philippines. Here are some suggestions how to make the most of 24 hours in Manila.


    Start with a breakfast of your choice, either at the hotel or one of the cafes or bakeries. If you are within walking distance to the LRT1 line, I recommend taking a stroll there while witnessing the daily life of the locals along the way. Kids on their way to school, workers in the shops and repairs, and even the younger kids doing their morning bath outside the house. They are all smiling and wis ...

  • Mt Guiting Guiting Proper Climb

    These will always be my favorite moments. #masterceej #bdayclimb