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  • A Day Trip In Tanay The Batlag Falls

    The beauty of Daranak Falls is something to marvel, the Batlag Falls is more enchanting and seemingly magical. While most of my group were enjoying Daranak, I decided to visit another hidden secret of Tanay, the Batlag Falls which is interesting located on the same site. The Batlag is literally just above the Daranak Falls but you have to pay a separate entrance fee which is higher than what we paid to enter Daranak but its really worth it!

    Much like Daranak, the trail going to Batlag is no longer a challenge. You will be greeted with cemented pathway towards the site. From there, you will ...

  • Tinipak River And Cave Adventure

    We celebrated my cousin's return with an adventure at Tanay, Rizal's Barangay Daraitan's Tinipak River and cave!

    It was a 3 hour drive, more or less coming from Ortigas' El Pueblo area where we departed by 8am. Upon arrival at Barangay Daraitan by around 11am we crossed a bridge and took two tricycle rides before commencing the hike and paid the environmental fee of Php50/person. Other expenses before the hike include the following: two tricycle rides cost Php45/person, flashlight head gear rental cost Php20/person and the tour guide was Php500, there were 8 of us so we each shelled out at ...

  • Mt Sipit Ulang Climb December 2016

    My second climb in Mount Sipit Ulang located in Rodriguez, Rizal.

  • A Day Trip In Tanay The Daranak Falls

    After that awesome caving experience in Calinawan Cave, we went to our next and final destination, the Daranak Falls. The place is actually not too far from the cave but again, it is going to be another rough journey. After few minutes, we finally arrived in our destination and I was quite surprised that the place is already commercialized. We were greeted with so many people with the place filled with many commercial building. I actually thought that we are looking for a hidden gem, that we will do some minor trekking just to reach the place but what I saw is merely like a public resort. It ...

  • Tinipak River Adventure

    We never thought we could have fun while doing our school project in Tinipak River located in Tanay, Rizal.

  • Buwis BuHike In Mt Hapunang Banoi

    Earlier this year, my friend KC invited me for her first hike. I decided to join her despite the short notice because I thought it was going to be an easy hike, but i was totally wrong! LOL! A few days before I celebrated my birthday, I conquered Mt. Hapunang Banoi located at Barangay Wawa, Rodriguez Rizal.

    Along with Mt. Binacayan and Mt. Pamitinan, Mt. Hapunang Banoi is one of the favorite hiking destinations in Rizal due to its proximity to the metro.

    Since it was an ordinary day, we left Cubao around 4am and arrived at the jump off point before 5am. After we registered and paid the t ...