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  • If The Titas Can Take On Masungi So Can You

    By titas, I mean a group of females, ranging in age from early 40s to mid-60s. That said, as yoga practitioners, we're not exactly sedentary, and are relatively strong for our age.

    It was with this presumed advantage that we decided, one Sunday, to visit the Masungi Georeserve in Baras, Rizal, for a four-hour hike that included steep ups and downs, rope courses and hanging bridges that challenged the acrophobic.

    The rewards were spectacular views, fresh air, a sense of accomplishment (yes, the presumed advantage served us well) and a rediscovery of how green and beautiful Rizal province ...

  • BirdLife International Visits PHs Forest Of Hope

    Country representatives of BirdLife International, the world's largest nature conservation partnership, visited Haribon Foundation's Forest of Hope site in Mts. Irid-Angelo located on the boundary of General Nakar and Infanta, Quezon.

    Led by Philippine environmental group Haribon Foundation, BirdLife International partners from Burung Indonesia, the University of Papua New Guinea Center for International Development, and BirdLife Secretariat from Asia Region and Cambridge explored the hundred-thousand-hectare old-growth forest that is home to threatened species such as the Philippine Eagle, ...

  • Stress-Free Days At Haranah Eco Park In Tanay Rizal

    I didn't have any travel plans yet.

    I was focused on my work because there's just too much happening on it right now. I even thought of setting aside my blog for a while and focus on work, like normal people do. But I don't know if I can do that. I know I'm different. I need to write. I need to create and smash the boredom that routine life brings.

    I've got a lot of things going on in my mind. I've been going home late at night from work very often, and it's not making me happy either. But there's nothing I can do.

    I need a break.

    Just in time, I received an invitation from the Tou ...

  • Masungi Georeserve Rizal Philippines

    Happy Easter! Our late adventure at Masungi Georeserve! Don't mind the drone shots, the winds were too damn crazy.

  • Seven Reasons To Visit Masungi Georeserve In Rizal

    Masungi Georeserve gained popularity last year as photos of its spider web-like viewing platform and cargo net obstacle courses spread online.

    Millennials and thrill-seekers were quick to check out the place and snap their own Instagram-worthy photos.

    Recently, we visited the place and saw for our own eyes why the conservation area was fully booked even on weekdays.

    Below are our top seven reasons to visit the place:

    1. It is perfect for city dwellers looking for adventure or those seeking to commune with nature

    The main draw of Masungi Georeserve, which got its name from "masun ...

  • Unwinding At Haranah Eco Park

    Rizal is a popular weekend or vacation destination for those who live in Metro Manila or nearby areas. The province has mountains, waterfalls and cultural attractions for those looking get away from the bustle of city life. One such place to add to your itinerary is Haranah Eco Park, this park was carefully cultivated and developed by its owners to combine the best of natural and man-made wonders.

    Made by Nature, Developed by Man.

    The owner told us that when they bought the land, it was undeveloped, simply put the area was wild. However, they had a vision and saw the potential of the pro ...