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  • Victoria Claredita Falls Sa Quirino

    Victoria Claredita Falls Sa Quirino

    Masukal ang daan at tatawid pa ng batis para ang tagong-yaman ng Barangay Victoria: Ang Victoria Claredita Falls.

    Ayon kay Manuel Tallawen, residente sa lugar, hango raw ang pangalan ng talon sa dalawang babaeng namatay sa lugar.

    Pero sa kabila ng kuwento, dinarayo pa rin ito lalo na sa panahon ng tag-init.

    Malamig at malinis ang tubig na galing sa bundok. May lugar ang falls na swak sa mga bata; meron din para sa mga adventure seeker at may batis sa gilid ng talon.

    Isa ang lugar sa paboritong puntahan ng pamilya ni Adelaida Galema ng Santiago City.

    "Maganda kasi, enjoy at excit ...

  • Bugkalot Tribe Receives Land Titles

    Bugkalot Tribe Receives Land Titles

    For the Bugkalot tribe, it is a blessed New Year receiving their Certificates of Land Ownership (CLOA) as Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs) from Agrarian Reform Secretary Rafael Mariano.

    Covering some 4,600 hectares of resettlement area at Keat and Matmad in this town to be used productively, the CLOA was recently given to around 1,150 ARBs led by Bugkalot chief Rosario Camma, also former mayor of this town.

    Camma said the beneficiaries are the actual occupants and tillers from the Bugkalot tribe, and who also forged a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the Department of Agrarian Refo ...

  • Chasing Waterfalls In Quirino Province

    Chasing Waterfalls In Quirino Province

    A landlocked province in the Cagayan Valley Region in Luzon, Quirino is bordered by rather popular neighbors. For one, Aurora lies to the southeast and is home to Baler, a famous spot for surfing. But despite being surrounded by famous provinces, Quirino has its own blend of charm that will surely enchant those who choose to stop by for a day or more.

    A generally mountainous area, about 80% of Quirino's total land area is covered by highlands and mountains. A number of caves are also within the borders of the province as is the upper section of the Cagayan River. Waterfalls also make up par ...

  • Protecting The Greenbelt Of Quirino

    Protecting The Greenbelt Of Quirino

    On the nation's most populous island of Luzon, inhabited by over 48 million people, spans the largest remaining tract of old-growth tropical rainforest in the entire country ??" the Quirino Protected Landscape. It is highly valued for its watershed, carbon storage and biodiversity.

    Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range, within an important biodiversity corridor, the Quirino Protected Landscape protects 67% of the Quirino province. This vast forest sustains the local people by supplying drinking water, flood protection and water for major irrigation systems. It also pro ...

  • Quirino Cattle Raisers To Get Heifers And Bulls From DA

    Quirino Cattle Raisers To Get Heifers And Bulls From DA

    Department of Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol in his recent visit here has committed to provide 20 heifers and two bulls to the province's six towns to help farmers and livestock raisers improve their income.

    Piñol announced the allocation of cattle dispersal after listening to the presentation of Gov. Junie Cua on the agro-forestry programs of the province.

    He lauded the efforts and initiatives of the province in sustaining its vast forests which serve as watershed areas in Cagayan Valley region.

    He also announced that the department will continue to implement the provis ...

  • Panagdadapun Festival Commemorating Quirinos History

    Panagdadapun Festival Commemorating Quirinos History

    The province of Quirino rarely rings a bell in everyday conversation, but one week every September puts this province squarely in the eyes of the country: the Panagdadapun Festival.

    Panagdadapun is an Ilocano word which means assembly. It's a word that's so appropriate for the festival that it reverberates throughout the province of Quirino. Quririnians from all over the province gather to showcase what the province is all about in the week-long festivities.

    Highlights of the festival include the Street Dancing Showdown, Gitarock (Battle of the Bands), and the Search for Mr. and Ms. Quir ...