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  • The Colorful Festival Of Pahiyas Pahiyas Festival 2017 Of Lucban

    May 15 marks the celebration of one of the most colorful festivals in the Philippines ~ The Pahiyas Festival of Lucban Quezon. Finally, after all that failed attempts to attend this festival, I was able to make it this year and I am so grateful that I went here with my mom as my Mother's day treat for her. It was my first Pahiyas Festival and we really had so much fun. I first learned about Pahiyas when I was in grade school as it is often listed in most of our text books as one of the most popular festivals in our country and I am so happy that I finally had the chance to witness this colorf ...

  • Kwebang Lampas Pagbilao Quezon Province

    Quezon Province has always been a favorite spot when it comes to beautiful islands- from its white beaches, crystal clear oceans and island hopping activities. For a considerably lower price than those in demand beaches that will cost you thousands of pesos, it is no doubt that Quezon province wears one of the crowns for the best affordable places to visit in the Philippines.


    The infamous Kwebang Lampas is located at Isla Polo, Pagbilao Quezon that is a four to five hours drive from Metro Manila. Basically, the name of the island was coined as the island doesn't only offers its ...

  • Pahiyas Festival 2017

    See the colorful kiping and the festivities at Pahiyas 2017!

    Lucban, Quezon is known for its appetizing longganisa, and other delicacies or pasalubong that we can't find in the city. But aside from that, tourists from other parts of the Philippines, and even those across the globe, are also fascinated by its Pahiyas Festival.

    Every 15th day of May, Lucban celebrates the feast of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of the farmers. As a way of giving thanks to the Lord for a fruitful harvest, they offer their harvest and decorate their houses with kiping (brightly-colored, leaf shaped wa ...

  • Cagbalete Island Your Next Weekend Destination

    Here's how you can enjoy a Cagbalete Island weekend in Quezon for less than P1,000.

    Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Manila without spending too much time and money? Don't fret. It can be done.

    Several hours away from Manila, you can experience white sand, turqouise waters, and the beauty of nature in one of the unspoiled beaches of Southern Luzon: Cagbalete Island.

    Imagine yourself waking up to the sound of chirping birds and the calming sound of the sea lapping at the shore. Picture yourself taking in views of the blue horizon while breathing fresh air, all day.

    Cag ...

  • Pahiyas Festival 2017

    One extravagant festival that everyone is excited to see is the Pahiyas Festival in Quezon

  • Tipuan- a Waterfall At The Cusp Of Change

    I have heard of this waterfall at least two years back, and back then its description conjured images of remoteness and a pristine state of affairs. The opportunity finally arrived when it became a hastily agreed destination by a small group of outdoorsmen seeking a break from their usual routines. And when we arrived, we were promptly informed by the barangay captain that the waterfall we are about to visit is being 'developed' where hiring local guides will be obligatory. Acquiring one for this trip wasn't an issue because a friend of mine who lives in the area has agreed, beforehand, that h ...