Quezon News

  • Mauban Quezon-Cagbalete Island X Dahoyhoy Falls

    Adventure at Cagbalete Island and Dahoyhoy Falls in Mauban, Quezon.

  • Bantakay Falls Atimonan Quezon

    This is one of the perfect weekend destinations tucked in the forests of Quezon province, town of Atimonan and just just 4-5 hours of travel south of Manila.

  • Bringing Back Mangrove Forest In Infanta Quezon

    Mangroves not only provide additional protection against typhoons and storm surges, but they are also home to a wide array of biodiversity which can be a viable and sustainable resource for surrounding communities if managed properly.

    Haribon Forester Thaddeus Martinez shares more about this project in Infanta, Quezon province where communities are working together to bring back their mangroves.

    This project was made possible with support from RICOH International Ltd. and BirdLife International.

  • 2 Green Turtles Released Back Into Tayabas Bay

    Two juvenile green turtles (Chelonia mydas) were released back to the sea in Tayabas Bay before sunset Monday by local government officials, maritime police, "bantay dagat" (sea patrol) and environmentalists, authorities said Tuesday.

    Zeny Bernal, Tanggol Kalikasan (TK) Southern Luzon program director, said the female and male turtles with strands of nylon nets around their bodies were found by a couple while gathering oysters along the river bank in the coastal village of Talao-Talao here on Sunday.

    "Based from the rumors in the village, the turtles were hidden along the banks to be but ...

  • Jomalig Island Quezon Best Summer Destination In Philippines

    Jomalig Island in Quezon should be in your travel bucket list! Ready your 3k and your good to go for 3 days and 2 nights! Going there is not easy peasy because you are going to travel for almost half of the day and you might get dizzy as well while on the boat. But once you get there you will surely utter that all the struggles you experienced are worth it!

    Jomalig is an isolated island with fine golden sand and bluish color water. Locals are very accommodating as well.


    Ordinary Bus from Legarda to Real – 170
    Boat to Jomalig – 350/pax with free lunch
    Boat transfer – 1 ...

  • Visiting 3 Islands In One Trip

    Quezon Province is a home of beautiful beaches. I have seen a lot of blogs and Facebook posts featuring different islands and resorts. One word that can best describe these beaches – stunning. You might have seen a lot of posts about visiting 3 islands in one trip in Quezon. If you did and you are planning to visit these three islands in one trip, read through because there might be changes with the rates. If it's your first time and so amazed to know the details how to visit the 3 islands in one trip, you are in the right page. I will give you the rates as of April 9, 2017 and the details h ...