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  • The Unspoiled Beach Of Jomalig Island

    The unspoiled beach of Jomalig Island located in the municipality of Jomalig, Quezon province, Philippines.

  • Protected Sierra Madre Means Life For IPs The Whole Nation

    According to the Save Sierra Madre Network Alliance Inc. (SSMNA), citing a 2004 study by Eken, et al. and a 2007 study by Langhammer, et al. key biodiversity areas (KBAs) are identified nationally using simple, globally standardized criteria and thresholds, based on the needs of biodiversity requiring safeguards at the site scale.

    The Sierra Madre has at least 201 species of mammals, 556 species of birds, over 85 species of amphibians and 252 species of reptiles, of which 48 percent are endemic, with many of these near-threatened, critical, vulnerable and endangered.

    According to SSMNA, ...

  • The Golden Sand Of Jomalig Island In Quezon Province

    Jomalig Island is located in the north eastern most part of the Quezon Province. It's not the typical island that offers white sand but that aspect made it amazingly unique and interesting to visit. It is known for its golden sand that somehow got its famous label as "The Golden Island of Quezon". This island is the newest attraction to look forward by the beach lover and island hoppers. It gained its popularity just this year 2016 thru social media pages and blog articles. The island now has its own stone-made label (JOMALIG ISLAND) situated in the coastline to welcome the tourists.

    Jomali ...

  • Alibijaban Island Travel Guide 2016

    San Andres, Quezon Province
    Alibijaban Island

    Boat Rental from San Andres Port to Alibijaban Island – 1200-1500php 8-10 pax,
    Recommended Boatman : Kuya Randy's contact details : +63 946 737 2555 | +63 906 435 7722 | +63 910 762 9271.
    Cottage – 500php Overnight rate – Good for 10-15pax
    Recommended: Ate Nene | Contact number: 0910-762-9269

    Direct Trip from Manila: Barney Auto Lines (3:00PM & 8:30PM) and Superlines Transport have daily direct trip from Cubao to San Andres. Remember that Barney Auto Lines are all ordinary buses while Superlines does have airconditioned ones. The fa ...

  • Jomalig The Virgin Island Of Quezon

    Jomalig the Virgin Island located in the municipality of Jomalig, Quezon, Philippines.

  • Quezon Adventure In Cagbalete Island

    Our adventure today takes us 98.6 kilometers southeast of Manila. Cagbalete Island is a tourist destination found in the jurisdiction of Mauban, in the province of Quezon.

    Cagbalete Island is defined by its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, mangrove forests, and picturesque scenery. Aside from that, it is surrounded by waters that are teeming with multitudes of colorful marine life. It's interior on the other hand is quite opposite from its picturesque beach fronts. It is full of shrubs and cogon grass. There is also an eerie forested part where only the muddy time beaten trail hints th ...