Pangasinan News

  • Trips In North Luzon For 2 Weeks

    I spent ten days backpacking around five different destinations in Luzon, Philippines on a tight budget. It's cheap. Really, really, cheap! And each trip gave me a new, exciting feel. Fueled by a few wonderful secret stories kept in my jar of travel memories, my wanderlust definitely doesn't stop here.

    Normally, I spend around 15,000 to 30,000 Philippines pesos (US$300-$600) good for three to five days only on domestic trips. You may think that's fairly reasonable. Maybe if in other countries, but here in the Philippines you can spend less and save more money. Why do you think some famous I ...

  • Bolinao Beyond Patar Beach

    In our past two visits to this coastal town our primary destination has always been the same: Patar Beach. Blessed with white sand and crystal-clear waters, Patar Beach we thought was worth the long 6-hour plus drive from Metro Manila. So when Leo drove his mom, sisters and a nephew to Bolinao in Pangasinan province recently, his first impulse was to bring them to this white beach wonder. Not having been to this beach since 2011, however, he was in for what was almost a rude awakening.

    Patar Beach Then and Now

    Driving to Patar Beach from their resort (SCL Garden Paradise Beach Resort) he ...

  • How To Take Care Of Giant Clams

    How to take care of giant clams. Video by Noy Morcso and Rem Zamora/editing by Noy Morcoso/Interviewed by Gabriel Cardinoza.

  • Playground Of Giant Clams

    For three decades now, the shallow reef surrounding Silaqui Island in the northernmost tip of this town in Pangasinan province has been a silent witness to the growth of thousands of giant clams, locally known as "taklobo."

    The reef is where the baby giant clams are released to grow to adulthood after spending five months in a hatchery at the Bolinao Marine Laboratory (BML) of the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute (UPMSI).

    From a few breeders reared from larvae and juveniles imported from the Solomon Islands and Australia in 1987, it now boasts of 35,684 adults and 1 ...

  • The Mother Of All Festivals

    A series of jubilant and amusing events served as a build up for this year's Pista'y Dayat (sea festival). The festival ran from April 5 until its culminating day on May 1 and ended with a communal coastal cleanup.

    The Lingayen Gulf has what appears to be an enchanting spell that attracts everyone to the sea during this time of the year. Annually, giant waves of people, locals and tourists, gather at the provincial capital, Lingayen, to enjoy and witness the mother of all festivals.

    What began in the 1960s as a small thanksgiving celebration of the Pangasinense fisherfolk community, whic ...

  • Scores Of Boats Join Banca Parada To Highlight Pangasinans Pistay Dayat

    No less than a hundred motorboats dressed up in vibrant colors set off along the Limahong Channel of Agno River yesterday for the much-anticipated "Banca Parada" which highlighted last weekend's celebration of Pangasinan's "Pistay Dayat 2017" or Sea Festival.

    The fluvial parade started in Sitio Bantayan in Lingayen, passed under the Domalandan Bridge, and ended on the riverside below the Banaga Bridge in Bugallon town.

    The annual Banca Parade is a major highlight of the celebration of the Sea Festival, the theme of which for this year is "Masaganang Ilog at Karagatan, Yaman ng Pangasinan ...