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  • Remembering Mount Arayat

    You know how sometimes you go to a place intending to make a travel guide only to get so lost in its beauty you completely forgot your purpose That's what happened to me when Dennis and I climbed Mount Arayat with Gretchen the Filipina Explorer and her daughter Lia earlier this February.

    I don't know what I expected of Mount Arayat, but it certainly is one of the most beautiful mountains I've ever been on. The trail isn't taxing. And because there are so many trees, the air is balmy and fresh.

    And since there are already enough travel guides out there anyway, I'll put in some photos here ...

  • Town Products Take Center Stage In 8th Sabuaga Fest

    Some of the renowned products of this town were highlighted in the annual Easter festival held over the weekend at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish grounds.

    The religious fest, dubbed as "Sabuaga" or "sabuag sampaga" (scattering of flowers), was participated in by the seven villages here that performed while wearing colorful costumes.

    According to Sabuaga 2017 Executive Committee President Irwin Nucum, the event aims to give praise to Virgin Mary who never left Jesus Christ from his passion and death until his resurrection.

    He added that the festival also aims to highlight some of the be ...

  • 80,000 Spectators Recorded In Lubao Balloon Fest 2017

    The annual Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival (LIBMF), which was held from April 6 to 9 at the Pradera Verde in Prado Siongco village here, have attracted more spectators this year.

    Event organizers said 80,000 people joined the LIBMF, which is recognized as the "biggest hot air ballooning event in Southeast Asia.

    " The biggest crowd drawer was on Saturday, April 8, when close to 25,000 individuals watched the morning flight of some 37 hot air balloons.

    Weather during the four-day festival was favorable for balloon flights and open-air concerts, which visitors enjoyed thro ...

  • How Hot Air Balloons Uplift Pampangas Communities

    Like any other vehicle, hot air balloons run on gas. But the hot air balloon is probably the happy-go-luckiest of them all — like a kite, it goes with the wind.

    "When hot air balloons fly, they don't really navigate, they just go where the wind blows," explains Rambo Nuñez Ortega, the president of Forthinker Inc., the organizing group of the 2017 Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival. "What the pilots do is just either go up or go down, by blowing up the hot air."

    Hot air balloon pilots are early birds. On the first day of the festival, the participating balloonists were alre ...

  • Mount Arayat Traverse Dayhike Via Magalang Arayat

    Hi everyone! Last Sunday, April 2, 2017, I went with my friends to a pre-climb/training climb in the mountain associated with Mariang Sinukuan – Mt. Arayat which also happens to be my 47th mountain.

    Mountain Stats:

    Elevation: 1,026+ MASL

    Location: Magalang, Pampanga

    Difficulty: 5/9, Major Climb

    Trek to Summit: 3hrs 30min (Jump-off to North Peak) + 1hr 45min (North Peak to South Peak)

    This trip also served as our group's pre-climb and my training climb for an upcoming major hike. Read on below for more details.

    Because there were 16 of us, the organizer decided to just hi ...

  • 18 Nations Fly High In 37 Balloons In Lubao Pampanga

    The fourth Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival (LIBMF) is off with a grand start as 37 hot-air balloons, including 10 special-shaped dirigibles representing 18 countries, took to the skies at the Pradera Verde in Barangay Prado Siiongco here on Wednesday.

    The good weather was perfect, as veteran balloon pilots applauded the favorable wind conditions they described as "box winds", drifting the rising dirigibles first to the northwest before the winds brought them back to the southeast with thousands of spectators, including provincial board members of Negros Occidental, Lakbay Ara ...