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  • Coron 2016 Twin Lagoon

    Up next is the Twin Lagoon.

    It was okay, really nice and pretty. It seems to be a lot deeper than Kayangan Lake, and the water was a lot bluer too. Though I think the latter is directly because of the former.

    It may not be as clear as Kayangan, but one thing's for sure: the water here is clearer than most. Take a look at these pictures we have of us sitting on our life vests. The water is so clear that you can literally see right through it. In Kat's picture, it's almost as if there's no water at all.

    Also, it was a lot colder than Kayangan, but only in some areas. If you moved even j ...

  • Batak Of The Philippines

    Billy Bob decided to journey to The Philippines, where he made his way to Palawan island. Locals told him Palawan is the territory of patriots, with beautiful harbors.

    He heard about a community of Batak tribe, which made him curious, so he went to investigate. From a place called Sitio Tanabang, Billy Bob found a young man named Pedro to guide him. He said the Batak are mountain people so they hiked 2 hours to the central Batak village called Kalakwasan.

    Billy Bob greeted the village headman and was invited to stay with a family named Sibido. The Batak people here are traditionally anim ...

  • Coron 2016 Banul CYC And Balinsasayaw

    Next up was lunch at Banul Beach. Hooray, food! Naturally, we had a lot of seafood, but meat, specifically pork sisig, was also included. I personally enjoyed the crab. Yum. Yum. It's the first time I've ever opened my own crab too (well, technically Kat opened mine for me) so that makes it even more memorable.

    We took all these photos right after eating lunch. We were so hungry that when we got to the island, we all immediately rushed to the food, haha. Forgive me if I look really chubby here. Mehehe. I actually had around 4 or 5 cups of rice, because the food was simply so yummy! It's har ...

  • Travel Guide Palawan Puerto Princesa City Tour DIY

    Puerto Princesa City Tour can be the "schedule filler" during your Palawan trip as it can be done in half a day. If you have a morning flight and has no activity in line when you arrive or leaving Palawan, you can opt to do the city tour. When we went to Puerto Princesa, we did the city tour before our flight back to Manila. We started at 9AM and ended at 2PM. After the tour, we went directly to the airport for our 3PM flight. It is important to secure accommodation within the city proper for convenience and easy access to transportation if you plan to do Puerto Princesa City Tour DIY.

    How ...

  • Down South The Allure Of El Nido Palawan

    At exactly seven, I heard a knock on my door. A staff informed me my breakfast is ready.

    They were punctual, something I did not expect from a fellow Filipino. A day prior to that, a different staff asked me to choose my breakfast from their menu and the time I wanted it served. This must be a little custom at Marygold Beachfront Inn, a midrange beachfront resort in El Nido's Calle Hama, Brgy Masagana.

    Watching the people on the beach and the limestone rock formation adorning Bacuit Bay were as enjoyable as my breakfast. The bay remained populated with docked boats, which one by one, wou ...

  • Project Pilipinas Calauit Safari Park a Piece Of Africa In The Philippines

    A couple of years ago, I launched a passion project called Project Pilipinas. The goal was simple: help spread information about the beautiful places in the Philippines by posting about my past travels within the country along with some useful information (how to get there, how to go around, places to stay, tips, etc.). So hopefully, when researching about the Philippines, some random Googler (be it foreigner or local) will come across my blog and be encouraged to visit all those places. Read more about that project here.

    "OMG there it is!"

    I was like a starstruck fan seeing my favorit ...