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  • Malasimbos Magical Sights And Sounds

    Towering over Puerto Galera, one of the country's more popular beach destinations is the 1231-meter-above-sea-level Mt. Malasimbo, in Northern Mindoro. It is a haven for flora and fauna—wild boar, deer, and rare species of birds inhabit the mountain.

    It is also home to the highlander Mangyan tribes. In fact, mountain climbers find themselves interacting with these indigenous people, most of whom have already adopted the use of modern apparel, save for a few older men who still wear the traditional loincloth as their only piece of clothing.

    Every year in March, a colorful and well atten ...

  • Best Things to Do In Puerto Galera

    Puerto Galera has always been a preferred destination for those looking for a weekend away from Manila. The fact that it's only three to four hours away from the city, coupled with its stunning white beaches and quiet atmosphere all make Puerto Galera so popular.

    Lately, the town has seen a rise in popularity among foreign tourists as well, which is a good thing as resorts and tours become even better developed. While still primarily a quiet beach town, Puerto Galera now has a lot more activities and attractions it can offer. It's still a perfect location to relax at the beach and forget ab ...

  • Rediscover Puerto Galera Falls And Beach-Bumming Sunbathing

    Who doesn't associate Puerto Galera with beaches? But while its white shores get filled up by people, there's more to this favorite destination than meets the eye. Rediscover this tourist town by going deeper into their rich landscape. Check out these fun and exciting alternative Puerto Galera activities you can enjoy apart from beach-bumming and sunbathing.

    Tamaraw Falls

    Looking for a different way to cool off? Take a dip in the freshwater pool of Tamaraw Falls in Barangay Villaflor. Its 423-foot tall cascade is made up of a series of smaller cascades that merge into one grand fall at t ...

  • MMPA Enforcement Has Begun

    At long last, the enforcement of the Mangal Marine Protected Area (MMPA) has begun. After nearly three (3) years of deliberations and public consultations, the MMPA Ordinance was passed in February 2015. After Mayor Joel's decisive victory in the May 2016 elections (his third and final term), the LGU's Department of Agriculture (DA) announced in February 2017 the start of enforcement of the MMPA on March 16, 2017.

    Deployment of Marine Buoys--the single largest up-front investment

    In anticipation of the start of enforcement of the MMPA, there was a clear requirement for marine buoys (also ...

  • Killer Whale Sighted In Puerto Galera

    The sighting of a killer whale in Puerto Galera, a town in Oriental Mindoro and a popular tourist destination in Luzon, has caught the attention of marine wildlife-conservation advocates.

    The fascinating marine mammal, about 7 meters long, was photographed and posted on Facebook (FB) through the account of Kai Tagaki, who first thought it was a dolphin jumping up and down.

    Posted on April 18, at 12:38 p.m., the FB post was shared 383 times as of this writing and drew various reactions.

    One FB comment expressed fear that it might attack humans. Another comment said the sighting is a go ...

  • Making A Difference Through Scuba Diving

    Scuba diving is not my calling.

    These words were in loop in my mind when I failed on my first attempt at scuba diving. And that what I believed that moment I had to go up the boat where my friend Kris was sitting pretty, taking pictures and waiting for us. I honestly felt ashamed of myself for failing to do one the best water sports on earth that I've been dreaming to do one day in my life. Back in my class online, I'd always tell myself that I love the ocean. When I tried scuba diving in the pool, I felt amazing and thought of trying to do it in open water one day. That day arrived, but I ...