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  • Making A Difference Through Scuba Diving

    Scuba diving is not my calling.

    These words were in loop in my mind when I failed on my first attempt at scuba diving. And that what I believed that moment I had to go up the boat where my friend Kris was sitting pretty, taking pictures and waiting for us. I honestly felt ashamed of myself for failing to do one the best water sports on earth that I've been dreaming to do one day in my life. Back in my class online, I'd always tell myself that I love the ocean. When I tried scuba diving in the pool, I felt amazing and thought of trying to do it in open water one day. That day arrived, but I ...

  • Tampisaw Sa Tamaraw Falls

    Found between the towns of Calapan, San Teodoro and Puerto Galera, lies a natural wonder named Tamaraw Falls. What's great to the falls is that you don't need to trek just to be there; it's beauty can be already seen from the highway.

    From Calapan, we rode the zigzag road to Puerto Galera. Our original destination is at a well-known beach. But because of the rainy season and limited time, one of our travel companions suggested to go to the said falls instead.

    After a 45-minute travel at the mountainous northern part of Mindoro, we finally arrived on Tamaraw Falls. We're in awe as we saw ...

  • Lawmakers Bill Seeks To Preserve Philippines Watersheds

    The Duterte administration should make good on its pro-environment advocacies by preserving the country's watersheds amid reports of hit-and-run mining operations, a congresswoman said yesterday.

    "Protecting and conserving watersheds is also the best way to protect and conserve the unique biodiversity. Watersheds are also home to threatened animal and plant wildlife," Occidental Mindoro Rep. Josephine Ramirez-Sato said.

    The senior administration lawmaker said that in order to protect watersheds, it must be "defined, and protected by law that will put in place the appropriate management s ...

  • Mindoro Students Teachers Unite To Protect Naujan Watersheds

    Student leaders and high school teachers in Oriental Mindoro have teamed up to carry out conservation projects in their schools and communities in an effort to help protect the threatened sub-watersheds of Naujan Lake National Park, program organizer Haribon Foundation said.

    The Eco Guardians and Eco Rangers training program by environmental group Haribon Foundation implemented conservation programs geared towards the reduction of threats to the environment, restoration of forests and the sustainable use of resources, the group explained.

    Seventeen participating schools in the communitie ...

  • Uncovering The Wealth Of Oriental Mindoro

    The island of Mindoro got its name from "Mina de Oro" as to how the Spaniards used to call it in olden days because it was believed to be a repository of gold. True enough, the province of Oriental Mindoro, which comprises about half of the island, has many treasures in its midst. I'm not referring to the gold that can be mined but the natural attractions and abundant biodiversity that can be found in its bosom.

    From the Visayas, Oriental Mindoro is the gateway to Luzon, and vice versa, connecting both island groups. But while others may just pass through a bridge without even making a stop ...

  • The Mindoro Story

    WWF-Philippines has worked with the local government, park rangers, and tribe community to protect Apo Reef, Tamaraws, and the Tawbuid tribe. Together, they prove that humans can live in harmony with nature.