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  • Trek Calintaan Trekking With My Mom

    Ever since we started TREK, I have been sparing my mom of the details, knowing how much of a worrier she is.

    All those years, my mom was my quiet supporter. She would always be worried about the possible dangers of our expeditions and was very vocal about it, yet, she would always be asking what else the kids need that she could possibly give or ask from her friends.

    Our lone outreach this year was in celebration of our 9th year. I thought that would be something she could do, so I invited her. I also felt it was high time for her to experience TREK, which has been taking me to away from ...

  • Journey To Doubling The Tamaraws

    HOW does one appreciate the beauty of a beast? For a group of student volunteers from Far Eastern University, it is by understanding the history and existence of their university's symbol--the tamaraw--and that they were able to recognize the relevance of this wild animal. This endeavor eventually put the tamaraw in a different perspective and inspired a campaign towards its protection.

    The tamaraw or 'dwarf forest buffalo' can only be found in the Philippines, particularly in the island of Mindoro. It may not be the most attractive or elegant among animals but the tamaraw has a perfect V-s ...

  • Deep Coral Mapping Surveys Reveal Twilight Zone Of Abra De Ilog

    A coral-mapping project conducted in November 2015 detailed underwater surveys and mapping in the shallow (euphotic) reefs and deep (mesophotic) reefs of Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro.

    Shallow reef communities are found at 1-meter to 30-meter depth and have been extensively surveyed by many marine researchers and conservation managers using conventional survey methods.

    On the other hand, the deep area or the "twilight zone," found at 30-meter to 150-meter depth, is among the least studied environment due to the technical limitations and personal risks involved in deep surveys.

    The ...

  • NatGeo WWF Outfit Mindoro Tribesmen Park Rangers With Solar Lamps Patrol Kits

    The National Geographic Channel (NGC) and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) recently gave 50 portable solar lamps to the Taw'Buid—an indigenous Mangyan group inhabiting the remote mountains of Mindoro. Park rangers protecting the Mounts Iglit-Baco National Park also received new hammocks, rain gear and all-weather patrol uniforms from the Primer Group of Cos.

    The deployment is part of NGC's Earth Day Run, which has been supporting WWF projects since 2013. Race proceeds reforested Isabela forests with 20,000 fruit-bearing trees in 2013 and deployed fiberglass boats for Palawan fishermen in ...

  • Philippine Bleeding Heart Doves Flutter At The Brink But NGOs Respond

    The 7,100 islands of the Philippine Republic, scattered across the Pacific Ocean and South China Sea, teem with life. The entire nation is a recognized biodiversity hotspot — rated among the 17 most mega-biodiverse countries in the world — with rainforests, volcanic mountain ranges and tropical waters known for species found nowhere else on the planet.

    The archipelago's isolation for millions of years, and its wide variety of habitats has contributed to speciation across the island chain's 300,000 square kilometers (115,831 square miles) of land area.

    Species such as the Philippine e ...

  • The Corals Of The Deep Pinoy Scientists Explore Twilight Zone Reefs

    The coral reefs that most people are familiar with are those found in shallow, sunlit waters. But found at 30 to 150 meters' depth, mesophotic reefs thrive in the twilight zone between sunny waters and complete darkness.

    Because they're so difficult to get to, there is minimal knowledge of the Philippines' mesophotic reefs. The Geophysical Coral Mapping (GCM) Project, headed by Dr. Fernando Siringan of the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute in collaboration with Dr. Cesar Villanoy and Dr. Patrick Cabaitan and funded by the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine ...