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  • Livelihood From Traditional Art

    Loom weaving in the province is being revived with the help of local as well as from national government agencies.

    The artistic creation and subsequent mass production through loom weaving in this town is part of the cultural and traditional practices among the Igorot natives. Weaving was done by their ancestors and elders to produce blankets and their traditional clothing.

    The blankets were used for rituals, specifically for wrapping their dead kin and for the bones of their previously deceased loved ones.

    Woven blankets were also used as warmers during the cold season, especially fo ...

  • Environmentalist Surrenders Philippine Eagle To Cenro

    Environmentalist Surrenders Philippine Eagle To Cenro

    A former environmental planner from Baguio City surrendered a Philippine Eagle in the Community and Environment and Natural Resources Office (Cenro) Baguio under its Protected Area Management and Biodiversity Conservation Section (PAMBCS) on June 7. Benedict Solang said the eagle was turned over to him by his daughter-in-law Joven Fernandez which was also passed to her by a concerned citizen.

    The eagle was put in a cage and was fed with meat for a few months. "The eagle was found in Nueva Viscaya during a typhoon few months ago by a concerned citizen before it was passed to my daughter-in- ...

  • IP Day Assures NV Cultural Preservation

    IP Day Assures NV Cultural Preservation

    Cultural preservation in the province is now gaining ground with the participation of young indigenous peoples in the recent IP Day.

    Various tribes in their cultural attire recently performed their cultural and traditional songs, dances and rituals through the young members of the Isinai, Gaddang, Ifugao, Ibaloi, Kankanaey, Kalanguya and Bugkalot tribes, among others.

    The IP children also performed the singing of the National Anthem and the Vizcaya Hymn in their own dialect.

    These are the "Bendian" Dance of the Kankanaeys, "Tagem" dance of the "Ayangan" sub-tribe of the Ifugaos, war ...

  • Meandering Malico In The Caraballo Mountains

    Meandering Malico In The Caraballo Mountains

    There's a place five or six hours north of Manila where the temperature at 4 in the afternoon is 14 degree Celsius and drops lower as the day turns to night. One gets there by car or public transport and the ride, when it finally ends, chills one to the bone. No, not the sinister chills one gets from horror movies but the relaxing kind of chills making one look forward to what remains of the daylight as you take on the view of the place. It's this eponymous destination called Malico, after the winding road snaking some 1300 meters up the Caraballo Mountains, where the air is sweet and clean-sc ...

  • Capissaan Vizcayas World-class Cave System

    Capissaan Vizcayas World-class Cave System

    During his childhood days, Ifugao Richie Angcuna could only wonder what lay beneath the cave in his native village of Capissaan in this town.

    Little did he know the cave was home to endless wonders of nature Ifugaos and locals can be proud of.

    "We only catch fruit bats a few meters inside its entrance, we did not know what really lies beyond the resting place of the bats," said Angcuna, now a 23-year-old cave guide.

    For years, the cave served as a regular place for migrant Ifugaos to catch fruit bats as a native delicacy, not knowing it has more to offer than food on their table.

    T ...

  • Vizcayas Summer Lessons For IP Kids

    Vizcayas Summer Lessons For IP Kids

    While the school year has ended for most schoolers, it starts the annual cultural and traditional learning among children belonging to the indigenous peoples in the province.

    The IP Summer Workshop, now on its fourth year, has been teaching IP children here on the proper native dances, songs and other traditional practices of various tribes.

    The annual program is supported by the Department of Education, National Commission on Indigenous Peoples and tribal chieftains of Gaddang, Isinai, Bugkalot, Kalanguya, Ifugao, Iwak, Kankanaey and Ibaloi tribes, among others.

    The IP Summer Worksho ...