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  • Minalungao Picnic And Adventure Grounds Summer Vacation Adventure Swimming Hiking Rafting

    Minalungao National Park Philippines located in the municipality of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija in Central Luzon. Minalungao National park has 16-meter high limestone bordering the narrow river Peñaranda. Experience rafting on beautiful waters, cliff diving, swimming, quick hike, view the park's attractive natural sceneries, relax inside cottages and watch nature at its best.

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  • Minalungao National Park Nueva Ecijas Hidden Travel Gem

    Popularly known as the "Rice Bowl of the Philippines", Nueva Ecija is the biggest rice producer of Central Luzon. But aside from its vast rice fields, the province conceals a travel gem that people recently has been ravaging about – Minalungao National Park.

    Minalungao National Park

    A protected area located in the municipality of General Tinio, Minalungao came from the two words "mina" (mine) and "lungao" (cave). The park covers an area of over 2,000 hectares situated at the hills of Sierra Madre mountain range. The wonders of Minalungao National Park lie in the emerald waters of Peñ ...

  • Former Drug Users Turn Conservationists To Save The Philippine Eagle

    Former drug users, indigenous people and conservationists form an unlikely team for the noblest of causes: restore the forest where the Haring Ibon lives. And it's a success.

    Drug addicts, members of the Dumagat ethnic group, and local conservationists. It is rather eclectic, this bunch of people crossing the River Dupinga. The locals know the river all too well, and fear it. It brings water and fish, life really, if the weather is good. But with copious rains it quickly turns into a merciless killer with flash-floods and mudslides.

    We are in Luzon, the largest and most intensely populat ...

  • Lakbay Norte 6 A Road Trip To Nueva Ecija And Cagayan Valley

    Lakbay Norte is an annual media tour brought by the North Philippines Visitors Bureau (NPVB) - a non-stock profit membership umbrella organization of Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB's) that's sponsored by the Manila North Tollways Corp (NLEX-SCTEX) - which aims to promote tourism in the north Luzon.

    For its 6th installation, the itinerary involved a five-day trip to the North, specifically in Nueva Ecija and Cagayan Valley.


    Going around Nueva Ecija meant experiencing the farm life, as it is known as biggest rice producer of Central Luzon; hence, the name "Rice Bowl of th ...

  • How Badjao Families Find Home And Hope In Nueva Ecija Village

    More than a hundred Badjao families who fled Mindanao due to conflict and the lack of opportunities in their area used to live in the streets of Cabanatuan City.

    They were eventually able to build shanties near a bus terminal, but still faced dire conditions.

    In 2013, these Badjao families were finally given a place to rebuild, a place for a decent life.

    Some 131 families were given free houses in Barangay Bakod Bayan under the comprehensive program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for Sama-Badjaos and its Core Shelter Assistance Program (CSAP).

    The housin ...

  • Experiencing Nature At Minalungao National Park

    Minalungao National Park blew into social media months ago because of its outstanding rock forms and picturesque view. Up close, those white rocks have been weathered and smoothed for millennia that its just got beautiful undulating curves. It reminds me of the Timbaban River in Aklan and Marmol Cliff in Cebu. And I got curious.

    It's rather a long drive to reach Minalungao National Park as our bus motored its way from Fort Magsaysay, passing pastoral landscapes and rolling terrain. When we arrived, there were already several vehicles parked at a narrow stretch of land bordered by the river ...