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  • Negros Oriental Beautiful Manjuyod Sandbar

    With all the different amazing destinations found in the world, it is quite hard to choose where to go when planning for a vacation. But sometimes all you have to do is take a closer look instead of looking so far away. Just here in the Philippines, we have more than 7107 destinations you can choose from. One interesting place that would make you feel like you are in the beautiful Maldives is the Manjuyod White Sandbar in Negros Oriental.

    The Manjuyod White Sandbar has a second name known amongst locals and travelers as the "Maldives of the Philippines". Based on jurisdiction, the white san ...

  • Coast Guard Whale, Dolphin Watching Tours In Negros Wont Be Closed Down

    The Philippine Coast Guard in Dumaguete City has assured that it will not order the "closing down" of the dolphin and whale watching tours in Bais City and nearby towns like Manjuyod in Negros Oriental.

    Lieutenant Junior Grade Donna Liza Ramacho gave the assurance as the Coast Guard Dumaguete Station, which she heads, conducted a dialogue Thursday, March 23, with tour boat operators in Bais City.

    The dialogue, also attended by the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) officials, aims to discuss concerns with the boat operators the salient laws that require them to have their seacraft duly ...

  • Manjuyod Sandbar Itinerary

    The Philippines is blessed with amazing natural wonders. The Manjuyod Sandbar in Manjuyod, Negros Oriental (~50 km north of Dumaguete City) is just a few of them. Nicknamed as the "Maldives of the Philippines" (see also LeBlanc's Maldives of the Philippines) due to its powdery white sand and houses built on stilts in the middle of the sea.

    But wait, don't be fooled. These houses are actually standing on a white sandbar. What makes it even more awesome is that this sandbar only appears during low tide and disappears during high tide hence the illusion.

    The Manjuyod Sandbar is geographica ...

  • Negros Oriental Newly-Discovered Wonder Of Guihulngan Kansalakan River

    Any journey worth having not only educates the one traveling, but also enchants him or her.

    However, for the longest time, this was not the case for the Kansalakan River: before, this river was merely an ordinary place for the locals, until it was discovered by intrepid tourists late last year. Eventually, it became a tourist spot, and was called the "Enchanted River."

    Many have claimed that the reason for this was because of the river's similarity with the more popular Enchanted River in nearby Hinatuan, Surigao, while some claim that the river has something enchanting hidden within its ...

  • Apo Island Travel Guide From A Non-divers Perspective

    Apo Island, being a marine sanctuary, is a popular dive spot. Perhaps, the island was listed on the 2008 version of Sport Diver Magazine's top 100 diving spots in the world.

    Guests spend most of their time exploring the depths of its surrounding waters to meet and greet with its inhabitants. The underwater communities thrive as they are protected by the Philippines laws, and of course, with the help of the cooperating island locals.

    Recent studies shows that the island is a home to over 650 documented species of fish and over 400 species of corals, making the Island as one of the Philipp ...

  • I Found Love At Mount Talinis

    Dear Mt. Talinis,

    It was nice meeting you. Your trails are lovely and the green lushes that wrapped you are more than any signature designer can afford to create. Your waterfalls – Casaroro and Twin Falls – are assets that added to the beauty that you already have. The sulfuric river, which is immensely indispensable, reminded me how powerful nature can be. And of course, Lake Nailig, our humble abode for the night, reflected so much of how tragedy can generate something as splendid as refuge for lost and wandering souls. But more than anything else, I'd like to thank you for all the ex ...