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  • Worlds Largest Bloom Found In Negros

    A coffee farmer from Barangay Mansalanao found one of the largest flowers in the world in a protected area inside Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park.

    Farmer Romulo Labrador said he first spotted the Rafflesia blooms - sometimes called a corpse flower because of its foul odor - in the area in 2014.

    He did not know what it was until Tuesday, when he was with some representatives of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources who were surveying the area for a riverbank rehabilitation project.

    "I did not know what it was. I told the DENR guy not to step on the flowers then he told me that t ...

  • Swimming With Sea Turtles

    Mitakuye Oyasin an old Native American adage which means "we are all connected" very much reflects my experience over the weekend.

    Sea turtles are unique creatures, they travel around the world to feed in specific spots and come back to their birth-island to lay eggs. How sea turtles live their life gives me a picture of how small the world is and how connected places are.

    Swimming with the sea turtles at Apo Island Protected Landscape and Seascape was the highlight of my learning exchange trip organized by Communities First-Creative Initiatives for Development between the communities of ...

  • Conservation Matters

    The Mount Kanla-on Natural Park in Negros Island continues to manifest its high standard as one of the centers of plant diversity in the Philippines.

    In a recent development, a species of Rafflesia has been found thriving in another location within the MKNP. Errol Gillang, one of the MKNP staff, accidentally recorded a Rafflesia species, which looks identical to Rafflesia speciosa, in a barangay in La Castellana town in Negros Occidental. Botanist Pat Malabrigo of the University of the Philippines Los Baños has first recorded this species in the Bago side of the MKNP in 2008.

    Rafflesia ...

  • Beat The Summer Heat In Negros

    The summer heat in tropical Philippines is making us sweat profusely. And here in Negros Island, we are not spared from the sun as well. The good thing though, there are plenty of destinations in the province that can make us escape the scorching hot weather. A drive down south or up north or towards the eastern portion of the province will lead us to beautiful scenic places.

    My visit at the recently concluded Panaad sa Negros Festival 2017, as I went from one pavilion to the next, reminded me of the various sights that we can enjoy in our province. This summer, there are plenty of places ...

  • Mayana Peak Sitio Punod San Carlos City Negros Occ

    A 2 hour drive from Bacolod City. A perfect stepping stone to those begginers who wants to experience hiking. with it's easy access trail, friendly people and a scenery worth the effort. Let us all witness the beauty of Scenic Mayana in emoji unicode: 1f4cdSitio Punod, San Carlos City, Negros Occ.

  • Find Love Advice As You Walk Along Negros Occidentals Hugot Road

    Hugot is a Filipino term which literally means "to pull out" or "to draw." But, currently whenever you see the term hugot, it is considered as a slang which figuratively means "deeply emotional." It has since become popular, thanks in part to movies and social media, and even pop songs, using and overusing lines inspired by the concept of it.

    It has become so popular that in one of our morning runs, we found a route called the Hugot Road in Brgy. Patag, Silay City, Negros Occidental.

    In about the middle portion of the route, you can stop over a wide field where you can rest for a while a ...