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  • Lang Ay Fest Mt Province Foundation Launch Set

    Preparations for the 50th founding anniversary of the province and the Lang-ay Festival 2017 will be formally launched on November 8.

    A civic parade will kick off the launching of the two biggest event in the province which will celebrate its golden anniversary and the 13th staging of the festival.

    Provincial administrator Atty. Amador Batay-an said next year's golden anniversary will be a grand celebration for the province.

    "We have to launch the two events this early to give ample preparations for the golden anniversary of the foundation of the province," he said.

    Governor Bonifa ...

  • Oct 27 2016 Sagadas Echo Valley Hanging Coffins Tour

    Once we got to Sagada, we found the Yogurt House, a restaurant that my Lonely Planet book highly recommended for its freshly made yogurt. The place was a little touristy for my liking. Just as we were finishing our lunch, in walked Wiebke, the German doctor we had met in Kayaban and her new friend Arthur! We caught up and decided to do some sightseeing together.

    Sagada is very environmentally conscious and the entire town is built on eco-tourism. In order to participate in any tours one must pay a 35P environmental fee at their tourism office.

    The five of us decided to do the "Echo Valle ...

  • Banaue Sagada Benguet

    Banaue is a fourth class municipality in the province of Ifugao, Philippines. It is widely known as the site of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Batad Rice Terraces and Bangaan Rice Terraces.

    Sometimes called by locals as the "Eighth Wonder of the World", the Ifugao Rice Terraces begin at the base of the mountain range and extend several thousand feet upwards. Two of the terrace clusters in Banaue, namely Bangaan and Batad, are part of the UNESCO World Heritage inscription. It is said that their length, if put end to end, would encircle half of the globe. Built 2,000 years ago, the rice ...

  • I Double Dare You

    Haunted houses, zombie-filled corn fields, small towns that like to get together and light up the night with scary-faced pumpkins – there are all different types of Halloween events and haunts you can take the kids to and have a good time. And we've researched and reported on the best of them. But if you're one of those…those who like the macabre…there are places around the globe that offer far more than just a "spooky" evening. In fact, they offer you a vision you'll never forget.

    In the Philippines, the Igorot tribe thrived. One of their particular beliefs is that they bury their de ...

  • Night Of The Living And The Dead

    Looking for a road trip to one of the spookiest places in the country this long Halloween weekend? Why not drive north and head to Sagada?

    The people of Sagada, the Kankanaeys, have some unique rituals of taking care of the dead and remembering them. They believe that the spirits of the dead continue to make a connection with the living, so they make lavish preparations for sending off their departed. Needless to say, they have a distinctive way of celebrating All Saints' Day.

    In Sagada, pre-burial rites begin when a person is in a dying state. Animal sacrifices are made, and chanting an ...

  • Bontoc The Far Flung Favarey Village Of Maligcong

    Maligcong has become one of my favorite destinations in the Mountain Province in the recent years. I've cited five reasons on a previous post why one should go to Maligcong. Lately, I did notice that there's already an influx of tourist discovering its quiet charm and natural wonder. Most of them were doing the short climb at Mt Kupapey to see the breathtaking landscape and the rice terraces at the slope of the mountains from the summit. Mt Kupapey is just one of the interesting places in Maligcong. My recent visits there were to do some exploration treks and hike, particularly the far flung v ...