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  • Mini Travel Diary Sagada Mountain Province

    Being several kilometers above sea level was surreal!

  • Touring With Mei A Cold Vacation In Northern Luzon Part 1 Of 3

    Last February, I had the opportunity to work with US-based blogger Meileilan Usin-Mattinson ( for her Philippine Tour 2017. During the 10-day tour, we visited Sagada, El Nido, and her hometown, Zamboanga City.

    We did not only visit Sagada for the first part of her tour but also the Batad Rice Terraces, one of the five clusters of the Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras, a Unesco Heritage Site.

    The views were plenty on our way to Sagada. We stopped by a couple of view decks, the Kennon Road View Deck in Baguio City and the Highest Point View Deck in Atok, Bengu ...

  • Mt Province Hanging Coffins Of Sagada

    Located in the municipality of Sagada in Mt. Province, the Hanging Coffins of Sagada is a traditional Igorot funerary practice of "hanging" coffins together with the remains of respected elders by the sides of the cliffs and mountains of Sagada.

    This sacred practice was said to have started thousands of years ago and is still being practiced to this day. Just to give you a backgrounder about this sacred custom, not everyone is given the chance to undergo this funerary practice. It is reserved only for the respected elders of the community. As part of the tradition, these elders prepare for ...

  • Bontoc Follow The River Hike From Caneo To Tocucan Trail

    I must admit. The urge to cover as much places as I can when traveling has lost its zing. New places still fascinate me but beyond the established tourist spots. Lately I have been visiting Bontoc, Mountain Province a lot. I'm still enticed to explore deeper into the area. My recent visit finds me hiking the Caneo to Tocucan Trail. Villages off the radar to most people since they are located in valleys tucked deep in the mountains. It was an idea thrown to us by our friend Suzzette which we gladly obliged as I was also looking for good suppliers for some native weaving.

    The Loom Weaving Vil ...

  • Bomod-ok Falls Sagada

    Bomod-ok Falls measures 200 meters in height hence it is called the Big Falls. Bomod-ok Falls is located in the northern part Sagada, a good twenty-minute ride from the town center. This imposing falls is flanked by greenery on either side and on its feet are varying sizes of smooth and jagged rocks.

    The hike to Bomod-ok Falls from the information center usually takes the guides thirty minutes to complete, but for out of shape tourists who like to admire the view and take photos of every nook and cranny of the path (supposedly 400 steps of concrete path, which I am sure I misheard), the one ...

  • DENR To Help In Establishing Eco Trail In Mt Kalawitan

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Cordillera plans to establish a 53-kilometer eco trail in Mt. Kalawitan in Mountain Province to entice more adventurers and at the same time help preserve the area.

    Mountain Province Environment and Natural Resources Officer of Octavio Cuanso said together with local government units, they will establish the eco tourism site leading to the pristine forest of Mt. Kalawitan in Sabangan.

    "This will be pure trail and trekking area. No roads will be built," Cuanso said, adding the trail will include the adjoining province of Benguet.

    He ...