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  • DOT To Promote Mountain Province For Indigenous Tourism

    Tourism Undersecretary Falcony Millar said the province is one of the preferred destinations for cultural tourism in recognition of the rich culture, tradition and heritage that were preserved over the past several decades.

    Millar, who was given the name "Farnatan" or a team leader during his recent visit, said scenic tourist spots and low-cost leisure experiences are not sufficient to attract the influx of local and foreign visitors. What is important, he added, is the emotion that goes with the industry, which is found in the province's rich culture and traditions.

    "Mountain Province ...

  • The Quiet Charm Of Sagada

    Sagada may be the best place to fall in love or cure a broken heart -- depending on your life crisis.

    The highland town in the Mountain Province is innately quiet, tightly bound by tradition and cared for by an amiable people who have slowly opened their doors to tourism.

    Sagada has been a favorite spot for travelers both foreign and local, famed for its intricate caves, hanging coffins, evolving cuisine and rustic ambiance.

    Reviews and misconceptions of the town have been due to the mixed group of curious travelers captivated by its simple charm.

    The town came into the interest of ...

  • Mount Kupapey And Maligcong Rice Terraces In Bontoc Mount Province

    Maligcong is a picturesque, rugged village in Bontoc, Mt. Province. I remember many years ago, Jec, Jen and I had merienda cena at Goldfish Café in Bontoc town proper. The name of the café was intriguing, given that it is right at the very heart of a mountainous province. Nope there weren't aquariums nor a live gold fish inside, but there hanging on its wall was a large monochromatic photo of a breathtaking rice terraces. Our server said that it is the Maligcong Rice Terraces. And that its beauty could rival that of Banaue's. The terraces is known for its stone walls which make them sturdy a ...

  • The Ibaloy Today

    Our national tourism policy is more than numbers that help generate employment and pump the economy but also includes the preservation of culture and heritage.

    As government workers who are dealing with these issues, we are often invited to related conferences as part of our work. One of the most memorable, perhaps, is the Ibaloy Studies Conference entitled "The Ibaloy Today" which was organized by UP (University of the Philippines)-Baguio a couple of years ago.

    I remember that on the said event, I was compelled to stand up and address the room's white elephant after many confusing queri ...

  • Our Festivals Happy Lang-ay Cordillera

    Gawis ta wada kayo, Congressman Maximo Dalog Sr. said on the occasion of the 13th Lang-ay Festival.

    I first heard that warm brotherly acknowledgement several years ago from Apo Thomas Killip, when he was then municipal mayor of Sagada.

    As a native son of the place but migrated outside with my parents, Apo Killip has always been an inspiration in my quest to stay my roots in Sagada, in spirit. The expression, "gawis ta wad ka," in English means "it is good, you are here." It is family speech warmly embracing a member home.

    Congressman Dalog used the same expression as a warm gesture to ...

  • Lang-Ay 2017

    Lang-ay festival dance opening,here shows the Bontoc male dancers plays the Gangsa (flat gongs) and the female dancers dance carrying a baskets on top of there heads which depict abountiful harvest,and dance with a free hands like flying above the heavens below the town of Bontoc,and singing a harmonic Austronesian melody that resembles a Cantonese opera songs,chants and unity is bountiful but its the pride of the Bontoc's and also the Igorots of Montaniosa,for showing traditions and Cultural identity thru dance and still flourishing at this time of modernity.

    But this is the Beginning of ...