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  • Ticao Island Masbate PH

    Ticao Island Masbate PH

    Masbate, an island province in the Bicol Region of the Philippines, is a land of many surprises. Before I was impressed with a group of islands in this province called Burias Islands, I was first smitten by the charm of another island of Masbate called Ticao.

  • Tourism Frontier In Rodeo Capital

    Tourism Frontier In Rodeo Capital

    Right smack between the Bicol peninsula and the Visayan islands, Masbate province, and its unique spots wait to be discovered as a tourism frontier.

    The boomerang-shaped island province, known as the rodeo capital of the Philippines, is at the center of the Philippine archipelago where waters are hospitable for manta rays and sea snakes.

    Finding Masbates nooks and crannies makes memorable moments when visiting Bicol.

    The people speak languages belonging more to the Visayan tongue than the Bicolano?s. But Tagalog-based Filipino is understood and spoken anywhere.

    Adventure starts whe ...

  • Burias Group Of Island, Alibijaban Hidden Paradise Of The Philippines

    Burias Group Of Island, Alibijaban Hidden Paradise Of The Philippines

    It is no secret that Philippines is a home of beautiful beaches, white sands, amazing landscapes, and many more. Many of you may probably heard of Boracay, Palawan and Puerto Princesa, maybe those places I have mentioned are one of your target destinations in the Philippines. But after the trip we had, I think you should also consider Burias Island, Masbate! Lacking of colorful blinding lights of beach bars like other resorts, it is perfect if you are looking for quietness and if you want to be more intimate with nature.

  • Palani Beaches In Balud Masbate

    Palani Beaches In Balud Masbate

    I first visited this stretch of long, powdery white sand beaches in 2013. On a recent vist, I was not surprised that this paradise is developing quite fast, and I think that by sheer distance it will never go the way of Boracay or Puerto Galera. So Palani will forever be beautiful.

  • Animasola Island Burias

    Animasola Island Burias

    Animasola Island is part of the Burias group of islands which is located in Masbate of the Bicol Region. It is considered among the most popular islands in Burias and was named as "Animasola" which means "lonely soul" in Latin which pertains to those souls that are in Purgatory, but for the tourists who visited the place it's all amazement for the wondrous work of art that nature has to offer.

  • Island Hopping In Burias Castillo Island

    Island Hopping In Burias Castillo Island

    I guess it is safe for me to say that we indeed saved the best for last! After spending enough time in Verga Island, our bangkero finally took us to another unspoiled paradise. They told us that the place was rarely visited by the tourists which made us even more excited. They called it as Castillo island and after we arrived, we were welcomed by its pristine water with clear sandy-bottom shore. It was truly a paradise and possibly the best destination we had in our entire Burias escapade.