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  • Travel Guide Burias Island Masbate Province

    Burias is a large island located in Masbate Province, Bicol Region. The island is comprised of two municipalities: Claveria and San Jacinto. The town of Claveria is located at the south end of the island and San Jacinto at the north end of the island. There is a road network in the island but most of it are unpaved and only motorcycle will be able to navigate the rough roads. There is electricity in the island, however, most of the time the electricity only last for 12 hours or less every day. Each town has its own diesel-powered generator that supplies electricity to some barangays.

    Buria ...

  • Summer Getaway The 3 Incredible Islands Of Burias In Masbate

    Situated at the small town of San Pascual is Burias Island which is composed of three distinct islets of Tinalisayan, Sombrero and Animasola.

    San Pascual is detached from Masbate mainland, thus the journey getting there may be a little grueling, but just like the saying goes, it's not all about the destination but the journey.

    The stimulating amalgam of both the journey and destination will make your adventurous spirit pleased, most especially when you explore the province's 3 distinct islands.

    Sombrero Island

    Among the three islands, Sombrero is the most favored. The cerulean colo ...

  • Burias Island In Masbate

    Guinduyanan Point is believed to be the very center of the Philippines. It is located in a small coastal barangay of Mabuhay in San Pascual, Burias Island, Masbate. Aside from this interesting trivia, Burias is home to pristine, white sand beaches, gorgeous islands and islets and breathtaking rock formations.

    My Burias Island adventure wasn't an easy one. Coming from Manila, I boarded a Tabaco-bound bus and got off in Naga, 10 hours later. From Naga, I rode a Pasacao-bound van and got off near the port. I was hoping to catch the 7 am first boat trip to San Pascual. Unfortunately, it was a l ...

  • Your Ultimate Travel Guide To Burias Island Itinerary And Budget

    Burias Island, one of the three main islands located on the upper coast of the province of Masbate, offers white sand beaches that travelers can explore..

    The quiant town of San Pascual is the jump off point for the island hopping tours to three other islands within Burias: Sombrero, Tinalisayan, and Animasola.


    DAY 0

    10:00 pm ETD Manila (from Cubao)

    DAY 1

    6:00 am ETA Naga Terminal. Upon arriving proceed to Pasacao terminal

    6:45 am ETA Pasacao Terminal. Go straight to Pasacao Port

    7:00 am From Pasacao Port, ride a passenger boat heading to th ...

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    Everyone loves summer. Unlike any other season, it brings out the spontaneous side of people. Maybe it's how everything gleams in sunshine—as if the sun is actually teasing us to go out; or maybe it's the warm weather giving us all the happy feels. For whatever reason, during summer, everyone wants to break loose and look for adventure: Going on a road trip to Tagaytay just because they felt like it, hitting the beach to get away from the city, or even booking last-minute plane tickets to anywhere in the world. If you're one of these super spontaneous souls, READ ON because we want you to ge ...

  • 5 Secluded Philippines Islands To Spend Christmas Day In When Youre Alone

    They say Christmas Holidays are for spending quality time with family and friends, but what if you're in some place else, where your significant ones are a thousand miles away? Also, let's not forget about introverted souls who are at the extreme-end of the spectrum - wired into spending the most festive time of the year alone.

    No need to fret, we're here to cover the Christmas chills and frills for you. Here's a list of islands that are most unheard-of, islands that shy away from flocks of tourists - a place for your most needed respite.

    Seco Island, Antique

    Perhaps one of the most b ...