Marinduque News

  • Malbog Sulfuric Hot Spring Resort A Therapeutic Destination We Must All Try

    Malbog Sulfuric Hot Spring Resort or "Mabaho" is located at the foot of the mountain in Brgy. Malbog, Buenavista, Marinduque. The hot spring has sulfur content popularly used for skin care and treatments. Despite its rotten-egg like foul, many locals and tourists visit this place for body relaxation and healing of skin conditions. Some are even bringing home bottles of sulfuric water.


    Many believed that this sulfuric hot spring was discovered during the Spanish period. It is a spring of sulfuric water coming from Mt. Malindig which was later on developed to be a ...

  • Poctoy White Beach The Pride Of Torrijos

    Approximately 1 kilometer white sand beach with many coconut trees in the area that gives a gentle brush in the skin every time the wind blows.The sunlight brightens the calm and salty deep blue sea. The small waves were lazily moving up and down the shoreline.The beautiful sand castles close to the shoreline were being wash-away every time the waves strike. The sounds it produce send invitation "come and enjoy" to the people in and around the area.

    The people were relaxing and enjoying the majestic view of the Marinduque's highest peak, the Mt. Malindig. It makes the beach even more awesom ...

  • Yes Acid Mine Drainage Is Flowing Freely Into The Boac River Now Please Keep Off Those Other Blue Rivers

    Leaving the mine site without cleaning up piles of mining waste and polluted sediments, and without taking appropriate measures to stop the flow of acid mine drainage from the basins and ditches left behind is simply unacceptable to the people of Boac. Until the ongoing pollution at the MARCOPPER Mine site is adequately addressed, it continues to pose a threat to water quality, and the communities and wildlife in the area that depend on clean water. - Luna "Pongkoy" Manrique, MPDO of Boac.

    In August 1995, residents near the mines were alarmed, not by an earthquake but by seepage from the dr ...

  • Ungab Rock Formation In Mongpong Island Marinduque

    We will go to the rock formation tomorrow morning.

    Son (owner of S&B Adventure) told us after we had our dinner that night. Before our Manilawaya Island trip, I did some research and I only got some details about Maniwaya Island itself and the Palad Sandbar. I didn't know there is a rock formation in this island in Marinduque.

    It was a big deal because the words "rock formation" now have a totally new meaning for me when I got a chance to experience some stunning ones in my previous travels, like the Animasola Island in Masbate.

    So the next morning, we were greeted by a beautiful sunr ...

  • Palad Sandbar In Marinduque Expectation Versus Reality

    We had a great time enjoying Maniwaya Island all morning. Marinduque really surprised me.

    At 2:30 PM, we started the boat travel going to the most popular Sandbar of Marinduque, the Palad Sandbar. It's still part of the Maniwaya Island in the town of Sta. Cruz. I've seen lot of beautiful photos of Palad Sandbar online.

    I remember I had this picture of Palad Sandbar in my mind. I saw this months before we planned our trip to Marinduque. This is it.


    I imagined myself and Eloisa having a picture like this. Though we're not using DSLR or any expensive camera, the sandbar's b ...

  • Maniwaya Island Chillin And Lovin In Marinduque

    I like exploring the not so mainstream destinations in the Philippines because it always makes me realize how beautiful our country is. Beyond Boracay and the rest, there are a lot of islands in the country that can really make you say wow! It's just up to you to discover it.

    A few months ago my girlfriend, Eloi, and I explored Burias Island in Masbate. And just a few weeks after that, we traveled to Maniwaya Island in Sta. Cruz, Marinduque.

    Marinduque is not really that talked about among tourists, until recently that social media feeds have suddenly been full of amazing photos and expe ...