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  • Travel Guide To Maniwaya Island Marinduque

    How To Get There?

    There are two options on how to go to Maniwaya Island, but both are via Quezon Province.

    Option 1 Via General Luna Port

    Take a bus bound to Lucena Quezon. Inform the driver that you will alight at Lucena Grand Terminal, there are other buses that do not pass through the terminal (as per the local I have talked to). I chose Jam liner since it's the nearest on my place. Fare is 218 as of April 2017 and travel time may take up to three hours. I take the 12midnight trip and arrive at Lucena around 3 in the morning.

    From Lucena Grand Terminal, there are van bound to di ...

  • Marinduque Moriones Festival 2017 And The Story Of Longinus

    The Moriones Festival of my home province, Marinduque, is one of the most famous religious Philippine festivals for its interesting premise: it centers on culture and religion in the country, with an emphasis on reliving the time Roman soldiers roamed the streets during Jesus' crucifixion.

    Because the Philippines has been known for its predominantly Catholic beliefs, it's no wonder so many of its festivals are inspired by Biblical stories.

    The festival began when farmers and fisher folk began dressing up and performing this unique kind of street theater. Locals dress up as Roman soldiers ...

  • Recalling Marinduques Watershed Forest Reserves And Other Protected Areas On This Island

    Amid all controversies surrounding Environment Sec. Gina Lopez' 'gift of love' to the Filipino people on Valentines' Day, the Heart of the Philippines continues to bleed. Strangely, she treats the Marinduque environmental and health concerns like it's something beneath her dignity to look into for reason only to her known.

    To think that Marinduque was home to the largest copper mining operation in the Asia-Pacific Region. Now it is ranked as having one of the most denuded forests in the country. It remains the only 4th Class province in the MIMAROPA region today. Land area: 95,258 hectares; ...

  • Maniwaya A Tropical Island Destination

    The Philippines, being an archipelago, has been known to its islands and islets of serene and exotic beauty. Having to experience the pristine and gorgeous beauty of these islands, made me so proud that I am from here. So before I even try to go out of the country, I made myself a promise that I would go around the Philippines first as much as I can. There is always a new destination being discovered within the country, and this is enough to trigger the wanderlust inside all of us. Let us discover one of them!

    Marinduque is an island Province of the Philippines located in Mimaropa (RegionIV ...

  • Halina Sa Maniwaya Island Marinduque

    This year's November holidays was quite a long one because a 2 holiday fell (All Saint's Day and All Soul's day) fell on a Monday and Tuesday. Of course, #TeamHartHart planned months before and it was decided that we will spend the holidays in Maniwaya Island located in the island province of Marinduque.

    There are two ways to get to the Marinduque. You can ride a RORO at Dalahikan port located in Lucena, Quezon or hire a an outrigger boat/pump boat in Gen. Luna, Quezon. We chose the former to get to Marinduque and the latter to go back to Manila. I suggest the latter as it is a shorter jour ...

  • While Changing The Narrative Of Farming In PH Agreas Cherrie Atilano Receives Top Awards

    Cherrie Atilano is the President and Founding Farmer of AGREA, an innovative social enterprise based in the island of Marinduque. It aims to help eradicate poverty in farming and fishing communities, to alleviate the negative effects of climate change, natural disasters and to help establish food security in the countryside and in the Philippines as a whole.

    In December 2015, among many other programs, AGREA partnered with the Asia New Zealand Foundation to host five New Zealand social entrepreneurs in the food and beverage sector. The aim was to understand how the agriculture value chain o ...