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  • Lets Explore Manila Paco Park And Cemetery

    After our overnight stay in Go Hotels Otis, we packed our things early and proceed to our next destination in Manila. I have been aiming to visit this place for a long time and when I found out that it was just one ride away from our hotel, we decided to put it on our itinerary.

    We visited the Paco Park and Cemetery, a simple and quaint park in Paco, Manila. Although it is being tagged as Cemetery, the place is now a recreational garden and is a popular wedding venue for those couples who want a garden-like settings. It might be a small and simple place in Manila but it has a huge historica ...

  • Chasing Manila Bays Sunset

    In the Philippines, Holy Week – that long weekend from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday – is a time when people flock to the beach or go to the highlands to cool off. We used to do that for some time until it became a hassle to find flights, bus trips, ferry trips or resorts at a time when everyone else was trying to do the same thing. Or to go to a beach where there was hardly any breathing room.

    And so, starting five years ago, we just decided to stay at home for Holy Week and to schedule our vacation after that time. Until we realized that Metro Manila's horrendous traffic instantly ...

  • Ten-year Old Boy Helps Save The River

    Every day, Jose Faber Cabrera passes by the Pasig River and this is the story of how his advocacy to help save the river began.

    "Every day, when I am going to my Ninang's (god mother's) house, I always pass by the Ilog Pasig and see how dirty it is. I felt sad for it so I thought I could start a project. Then the idea came." Faber explained.

    Faber is 10 years old, currently in grade 5, and the Environment Officer of his class. He has been leading for the past three years. Two years ago, he visited the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation's office with a big smile on his face to turn-over ...

  • Lets Explore Manila A Journey To The Past Intramuros Part 1

    I used to pass by Manila area when I was working in Makati and Pasig but I realized that I never really get the chance to explore this place. It's very interesting that I used to travel far yet Manila alone has many interesting places to offer. So when a friend offered me a free staycation in a budget hotel in Manila, I grabbed that opportunity to explore the place and it finally give me the reason to tour around. The first destination I came up with is the historical walled city of Intramuros. It has been on my travel list for a long time. We used to be here every December for the Intramuros ...

  • La Mesa Eco Park A Refreshing Sight Within The Busy City

    My eyes were craving for green vibrancy and my skin longed for a touch of fresh air. Last night, my friends cancelled on our plan (Mt. Balagbag Hike) and it broke my heart so much I tried to search for convenient escapades — especially for people who would be roaming alone.

    Luckily, I remembered I was curious about the La Mesa Eco Park. I know La Mesa Dam from my childhood but I didn't know where it was back then. That was when I decided to visit the place. The ticket costs 50 pesos per person, but if you are a resident of Quezon City, you only have to pay 40 pesos. If you are a QC studen ...

  • Wetland Park Rising In Las Pinas-Paranaque Swamp

    Sen. Cynthia Villar continues to push for the development of the Las Piñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat and Eco-Tourism Area (LPPCHEA) as an urban tourism destination.

    Yesterday, Sen. Villar led the ground-breaking ceremony for the eco-tourism facilities of the Las Piñas-Parañaque Wetland Park, which is expected to help protect and preserve the last remaining wetland within Manila Bay.

    Villar said that first to be constructed will be the visitor's center or the Wetland Wave, which will serve as the drop-off point and gathering area of people visiting the park.

    The construction of th ...