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  • Cuatros Islas-Faraway Islands In Leyte That Youll Instantly Fall In Love With

    So, it's summer. Where are you headed to? Any plans ahead? Well, if you've got none yet or have too many beach options to go to, then you might want to check out Cuatros Islas in Leyte! Heard of it?

    Where is Cuatros Islas

    Isolated and relatively unknown, Cuatros Islas is a group of islands located in Western Leyte. While the Philippines, being an archipelago, has thousands of islands, some of them remain pure and undeveloped, retaining their natural beauty. And despite the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, Cuatros Islas remains unfazed.

    Welcome to Cuatros Islas

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Leyte Lintaon Peak Cave In Baybay City

    Lintaon Peak is vast, windswept highland situated about 10 kilometers southwest of downtown Baybay City in Leyte. It boasts a commanding view of the city proper, Camotes Sea, the majestic Leyte cordillera and surreal landscapes that go far as your eyes can see.

    The sun gloriously rises at the mountain ranges and sets dramatically at sea creating lovely silhouettes of the famed Cuatro Islas of Leyte. As an emerging tourist destination in Eastern Visayas, the local government made the site more accessible by concreting the road leading to the peak.

    Traveling to Baybay City

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  • Hundreds Of Baby Sea Turtles Found In Leyte

    Residents of a coastal village here were shocked to see hundreds of sea turtles crawling out of the ground on Thursday.

    It was the first time for residents of Pook Sta. Sofia to witness such an event, which came two weeks after 2 dead oarfish were washed ashore.

    The baby sea turtles were transferred into a large plastic container. Authorities said they were not ready to be released into the sea.

  • Hindang Cave Iligan City Hidden Gem After An Unexpected Trek

    The pesky kids were not yet through with its adventure. From the hilarious river trekking towards Dodiongan Falls, the squad decided to go to a nearby destination which is the Hindang Falls.

    Hindang Falls is located Brgy. Hindang at the mountain side of Iligan City. It is mostly accessible through Brgy. Kiwalan that is just around 30 minutes from the city proper. This water form is not as grand than the waterfalls found in the Tourism Triangle of Iligan City but its nature being secluded and the sense of adventure makes it on the list.


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  • Fall In Love With Ormoc Citys Newly Discovered Natural Attraction Sayahan Falls

    After Lake Danao Natural Park astounded my two eyes and dumbfounded my adventurous spirit. The newly discovered natural attraction in Ormoc city blows my mind, the Sayahan Falls.

    The Sayahan Falls is now considered as one of Ormoc City's main natural attraction because of its crystal clear, emerald green and water as cold as ice. This waterfall is located in the majestic mountain of Sitio Maglahug, Brgy Ga-as and it is 72 kilometers from the City proper of Ormoc.

    To see this hidden gem, you have to endure 30 minutes to 1 hour of trekking. The trail is not that easy, a bit challenging fo ...

  • Kalanggaman Island A Paradise Discovered

    Kalanggaman Island, also known as Calangaman, is a pristine islet in the Philippines with gorgeous white-sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise water. It's nearly impossible to put into words how incredibly beautiful this speck of land is. It left me absolutely speechless.

    Already the first glimpses of the white sand and abundant coconut trees in the middle of the ocean will give you goose bumps.

    Everyone on our trip fell in love immediately upon arrival, we ran from one side of the island to the other to see the beauty with our own eyes and to capture it on all the devices we brought. ...