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  • Beautiful And History-Filled Caves Near Metro Manila

    Inside Manila If you're interested in caving but can't afford to head countryside, worry no more as we list caves within proximity of the nation's capital.

    Calinawan Cave

    Served as stronghold of the Filipino revolutionaries during the Spanish-American war, and in the Filipino-American war—where Japanese and American troops settle their disputes—the vast cave got its name.

    Calinawan Cave is located in Barangay Tandang Kutyo of Tanay, Rizal. The usual tourist trail is easy enough for rookies, and with a minimum of P200, informative guides will escort you from the usual tourist trail ...

  • Mount Romelo One Reason To Travel To Buruwisan

    One thing I've been continually learning with my short but challenging journeys is the geography and landscape of different places, especially the provinces that surround Metro Manila. I've always been keen on the roads that public transports take, and curious on the path that private vehicles opt to follow. It has become both a mind challenge and a therapy for me.

    On June 11, my friends and I visited Mt. Romelo situated in Siniloan, Laguna. The mountain takes pride in a scenic landscape of Rizal, Laguna, and Quezon. It is also known for the seven wonderful falls that gives its visitors gre ...

  • Travel Hulugan Falls Laguna Province Philippines

    Post Falls is a waterfall in the Philippines . [1] The Post Falls located in the province of Laguna and regions Calabarzon , in the central part of the country, 70 km south-east of the capital city capital of Manila . The length of Post Falls is 275 feet above sea level. [1]

    The terrain around Post Falls flat with the west, but in the east it is the hills. [futile 1] The highest point is around Mount Banahaw , it has 2,158 meters above sea level, 16.6 km south of Post Falls. [futile 2] The area around Post Falls exceeding population, with 493 people per square kilometer. [3] . The nearest l ...

  • Pandin Lake In Laguna

    Pandin lake is very serene and mysterious because the water is dark and still but if you are with friends the place can be very active. I don't think it is a good idea going here alone because the main activity here is to rent a bamboo raft and eat on the other side of the lake and swim.

    Part also of the package is going to Yambo lake which is very near Pandin lake. Although we are not allowed to get close to it for some reason. You are just allowed to view and take photos.

    The place is lovely, it is very provincial like those you would see in old Filipino paintings.

    There are not m ...

  • The Most Beautiful Waterfalls Near Manila Hulugan Waterfalls In Laguna Drone Footage

    A year after my birthday hike, we decided to revisit this hidden waterfall in Laguna, Philippines. This time around, with the drone. I would like to dedicate this video to all of my friends who came to my birthday hike last year. This trip will always pose to be a wonderful memory for me.

    Song: Emotional Cinematic Music

  • Nature Road Trip In Laguna

    When it comes to weekend destinations, Laguna is one of the most accessible provinces near Metro Manila. Most people driving cars usually approach the province from SLEX on the way to urbanized cities like Santa Rosa, Los Banos and Calamba. But from the Manila East Road, you can avoid traffic and traverse easily through the more laid-back towns on the Eastern side of the province.

    The Laguna Loop is a pretty good road trip destination. While Laguna is known more for its historical and cultural attractions, there are a lot of resorts in the province, as well as hot springs, lakes, and waterf ...