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  • Experience Magic Bukal Falls

    Hidden in the foot of Mt. Banahaw in Majayjay, Laguna is a majestic spring waterfalls concealed beneath the luscious forest, called Bukal Falls. This place will truly give you that magical ambiance, so enchanting!

    Bukal Falls is totally a must-see wonder of Laguna! With its clear shimmery deep blue water, giving that enchanting scene, it will definitely awe you with its beauty!


    Before you arrive in the place, you have to trek for about 30-45minutes. The trail is not that hard since it mostly consists of a length of cemented path. However, once you get nearer to the falls, the ...

  • Hulugan Falls Talay And Hidden Sidetrip

    Hulugan Falls is one of the hidden gem of Brgy. San Salvador in Luisina Laguna. Well known for its natural beauty and grandeur. It has a neighboring waterfalls named Talay and Hidden Falls.

    I've read several blogs and reviews related to Hulugan Falls before we set on a DIY journey to Luisiana. Our day started at Jollibee Tikling where we meet Arman and Ronfel. We took a two wheel ride all the way to Laguna.

    We took our 1st stop over at Famy, Laguna to secure our food for lunch – the famous Sisig recommended by Ronfel with chopsuey plus the 8 cups of rice.

    We resumed our ride going t ...

  • Pop Mountain

    If there's a mountain that can be considered as the Philippines' most popular, Mount Makiling wins by default.

    This mountain with its peak towering 1,090 meters above sea level and located about 70 kilometers south of Manila is the first that most city dwellers see when they travel south from the National Capital Region (Metro Manila). For those going on a first trip to Los Banos in Laguna, it is the majestic Makiling that greets every visitor to the south with its lovely silhouette that looks like a woman on a recline (thus the term 'maquiling').

    Makiling now is home to almost a million ...

  • Costales Nature Farms An Ideal Farm Tourism Destination In Laguna

    In this frenetic age of Wi-Fi, processed food, and Pokemon Go, Costales Nature Farms (CNF) defies the status quo of what a tourist attraction should be. It needs to be sustainable and certified organic. What most city dwellers don't know is that the farm is nothing like the monocultural site that outdated textbooks are fond of highlighting under the topic of agriculture. The 5-hectare space is actually an organic eco-farm that started as a family getaway in 2004. It's now a farm tourism destination at the foothills of the mystical Mount Banahaw after being formally established as a farm in 200 ...

  • Social Climber In Buntot Palos Falls

    Buntot Palos is a hidden falls found in Pangil, Laguna. No wonder its also called Hidden Falls. Buntot Palos is found in the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges in the part of Laguna and Rizal. I asked our guide why the falls is called Buntot Palos and according to him there are many Palos (a kind of fish) found in the area. According to our guide, kuya Sonny, there are still Palos in the area but you can see them during the night only.


    Buntot Palos can be reached after one and half hour to two hours trek. The journey will start at Nessy's resort or the Greenhouse where you wil ...

  • Magdalena River Rafting And Bukal Falls

    A river rafting in Magdalena River and side trip to Bukal Falls located in the province of Laguna.