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  • Whale Nursed Back To Health In La Union

    In a concrete tank, "Agustina" swims feebly, aided by an orange floater from which it tries to wriggle away. Agustina is a female melon-headed whale that was stranded on a beach in the coastal village of San Agustin in San Fernando City on April 30.

    The 6.2-foot- (1.89 meters) long whale was rescued and brought to a Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) facility here on a Sunday when its tanks were empty and its staff was not around.

    But BFAR employees rushed to the facility to save her when they got the call.

    The whale bore scratch marks all over its body and fins. It also ...

  • Adventure At Tangadan Falls San Gabriel La Union

    The province of La Union is known as "Surfing Capital of the North". But did you know that aside from its mighty waves, La Union has a lot more to offer? When I visited La Union for the first time, I did a researched on how to maximized my short stay in the province. I learned about the waterfalls situated in the town of San Gabriel. Tangadan falls is one of the best cascades in La Union and just a short distance from San Juan. So without a second thought, I decided to include that on our itinerary.


    If you're coming from Urbiztondo in San Juan, you can reach ...

  • Dinengdeng Festival A Symbolism Of Culture Of Ilocano People

    Everyone will surely agree that fiestas in the Philippines bring smile to the faces not only of its townsfolk but also to the tourists and visitors that witness what a local festivity could bring as an experience.

    On April 30, the local government unit of Agoo formally opened its weeklong fiesta dubbed Dinengdeng Festival. A banca race and triathlon kicked off the annual festivity.

    On the next day, May 1, one of the most awaited parts of the festival is the cooking of dinengdeng by the barangays (villages) and different restaurants in 101 ways. It was held at the Don Mariano Marcos Memor ...

  • Travel Diary La Union

    La Union, you're a weekend too short to love!! But that's more excuse to visit you, your beach, sun & your waves! Came back home two tones darker, sunkissed and with seashells to remember. My heart is full, can't wait to visit you again soon! (And probably the rest of the beautiful beaches Philippines can offer!)

    Also, PSA: Video might cause motion sickness. Haha!



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    DJI Mavic Pro
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    Post Processed in FCPX

    BGM: James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go (Muffin Remix)


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  • Weak Whale Rescued In La Union

    An endangered female melon-headed whale was rescued by authorities in Barangay San Agustin Sunday after it was found along the beach with injuries on its nose.

    "The whale sustained injuries that are human inflicted. Malamang gusto nilang hulihin, may mga sugat sa sides na pabilog, sa may snout, at sa dorsal nito. Ganun din sa may dibdib between sa pictoral fins at malalim ito," said according Jenomar Munar, one of the rescuers, and former fish warden law officer of City Fisheries Aquatic Resources Management Council (CFARMC), trained at Philippine Marine Mammal Stranding Network under BFAR. ...

  • In La Union Town Sour Days Of Vineyards Becoming Just Memories

    Under trellises through which the afternoon sun peeps, tourists pluck bunches of grapes using scissors and place these in baskets. They line up to weigh their harvests and pay for these.

    This is how each day plays out in grape farms in this town which allows tourists to personally harvest green or red cardinal grapes straight from vines.

    "Grapes are readily available in groceries and supermarkets but people come here for the adventure," said Virgilio Calica, a grape farmer.

    "You can see how their faces light up when they see the fruits hanging from the vine, and they take delight in s ...