Isabela News

  • 6000 Tree Seedlings Planted During Save Sierra Madre Day

    More than 6,000 forest tree seedlings were planted Tuesday in Sitio Lagis, City of Ilagan, Isabela in celebration of "Save Sierra Madre Day."

    The provincial government of Isabela and City Government of Ilagan employees in partnership with the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) – Isabela participated in the activity.

    Last week, there were 400 tree seedlings planted in Isabela Eco Park in Alibagu, City of Ilagan near the Isabela Permaculture Development Center as a prelude to the celebration.

    The tree planting activity is part of the Memorandum of Agreement (M ...

  • Sanctuary Declared For Elusive Oriole Once Believed Extinct BirdLife

    With its yellow and olive-green plumage perfectly camouflaging it against the tree canopies, the Isabela Oriole Oriolus isabellae, a lowland forest specialist endemic to the island of Luzon in the Philippines, doesn't intend for itself to be seen by humans. And unfortunately, for many decades it wasn't.

    Due to the rapid and widespread deforestation which has plucked Luzon of much of its forest cover (down as much as 83% since the 1930s in some areas), numbers of this little-known species plummeted such that for a time until its rediscovery in December 1993, it was widely believed to have go ...

  • Philippine Eagle Sierra Madre Habitat Protection Plan Finalized

    A designated protected area of more than 8,000 hectares is one step closer to reality for the only known presence of Philippine Eagles (Pithecophaga jefferyi) or Haring Ibon in the Sierra Madre, after approval of a habitat protection plan, the Haribon Foundation reported.

    An ad hoc group of community and government members from various sectors met and finalized planning for what is called a "Critical Habitat" for the Haring Ibon in their municipality of Gabaldon in Nueva Ecija.

    Mt. Mingan sits near the center of the longest mountain range in the country, and was an otherwise unknown grou ...

  • Isabela Province An Untouched Beauty Of Nature

    If you're constantly looking for new places to explore; if getting lost in a forest is your kind of adventure; if your idea of paradise is to bask in nature's beauty without a crowd of tourists behind you, then Isabela is the destination for you.

    The province sits atop picture-perfect Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in this archipelago of 7, 507 islands. It has the second largest land area in the Philippines, bursting with lush forests, dreamy valleys and pristine beaches. Much of the province's rustic charm is also still there, devoid of unhealthy doses of commercialism and touri ...

  • A Biyahe Ni Drew Itinerary Beyond The Vast Rice And Corn Fields Of Isabela

    Left or right, wherever you look here in Isabela, you will be greeted by vast fields of both rice and corn. The province is the top rice producer for Northern Luzon and top corn supplier nationwide, which helped it earn the title of both the "Rice Granary of Northern Luzon" and "Corn Capital of the Philippines.'" But aside from being known as an agricultural haven, the people of Isabela made sure that they have little surprises to offer that tourists like you will surely feast upon.


    If you don't feel like driving 380 kilometers to Isabela, you can take a ten to eleven-h ...

  • Magat Dam Releases Water Before La Nina

    The National Irrigation Administration – Magat River Integrated Irrigation System (NIA-MRIIS) has started releasing water from the Magat Dam for early planting and harvest seasons to cushion the effect of La Niña. Engr. Wilfredo Gloria, NIA-MRIIS operations manager, said at least 14 towns will benefit from the release of water this planting season.

    The irrigated areas in Isabela are the towns of San Mateo, Cabatuan, Ramon, Cordon, Luna, Reina Mercedes, Alicia, Angadanan, Aurora, Gamu, Roxas, Burgos, Santiago City and Cauayan City; and Diffun and Saguday towns in Quirino province.

    Ma ...