Isabela News

  • Bambanti Festival 2017 The Pride Of Isabela

    Bambanti Festival is the official festival of the Province of Isabela. Held annually in the month of January, the award-winning festival has become a key factor in helping to build a cultural identity for the residences of Isabela.

    People flock from all corners of Isabela to celebrate their rich agricultural heritage in song-and-dance, and a little friendly competition.

    The festival derives its name from the Ilocano word for "scarecrow", and the Bambanti have become the iconic symbol for the farming communities of Isabela. Its meaning is emblematic of the historic ties farmers have wit ...

  • The Philippine Crocodile Mabuwaya And IUCN Netherlands

    Much effort was put into education and awareness campaigns to increase public acceptance of the crocodile. After their confidence was gained, local people and officials became involved in the active protection of the species.

    The Goal

    Changing The Image Of The World's Rarest Crocodile In The Philippines.

    The critically endangered Philippine crocodile is the rarest crocodile in the world. The only two remaining wild populations are in northern Luzon and in southwest Mindanao. The biggest problem the crocodile faces is its negative image. Many local people view them as dangerous, and k ...

  • Following The Yellow Brick Road At Isabelas Bambanti Festival

    The path to progress isn't always paved and golden. Sometimes, it is rugged and riddled with so many turns, which sure can take time. It also comes with harder choices and even more complicated consequences that have to be faced. On a midnight bus, sitting idly on a nine-hour trip towards Luzon's northeastern tip, this is what I realized. That, for much of the journey, the roads can be dark and winding. But the first rays of dawn can display the hope that comes with the Philippines' own Emerald City.

    As swathes of farmland stretch from its rural towns to its bustling cities, it speaks volum ...

  • Bambanti Festival Unwraps In Isabela

    Isabela Gov. Faustino 'Bojie' G. Dy III and Vice Governor Antonio 'Tonypet' T. Abano led the annual Bambanti Festival here over the weekend.

    The Bambanti Festival "revealed the best about Isabela, its impressive beginning, intense growth and bountiful harvest," Dy said.

    Albano, as Director General of the festival, said the event capitalized on the province's gains in agricultural productivity, tourism, and other drivers of the economy.

    This year's theme, "Isabela for the World," showcased the province's farming efficiency, tourist industry, cultural potential, different food products ...

  • Bambanti Festival Celebrates Isabela For The Universe

    The province of Isabela recently held the Bambanti Festival 2017, which depicts the blossoming of Isabela as an outstanding province in the Philippines.

    The annual festival organized by the provincial government highlights Isabela's community life, history, and heritage through a celebration of the province's rich harvest, bountiful produce and colorful culture.

    Held recently, from Jan. 23 to 28, Bambanti Festival 2017 was a tourism, trade, investment and environment project featuring the province's various indigenous world-class products, lifestyle merchandise items and cuisine as pride ...

  • Silage Can Assure Year-round Supply Of Livestock Feed

    Our friend Eugene T. Gabriel is very excited about a German-made rice and corn harvesting machine that his crew of fabricators has modified so that it can also harvest and shred forage at the same time. Gabriel is the president of Central Isabela Agri Manufacturing Corporation (CIAMC) which has been coming up with practical farming implements.

    What excites him is the opportunity to make money while providing cheap and nutritious feed for livestock that include beef and dairy cattle, carabaos, goats, sheep, pigs and others. Because the forage harvester can harvest a big quantity in just a fe ...