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  • Indigenous Peoples In Panay Key To Environment Conservation

    The indigenous peoples (IPs) in Panay Island are crucial in environmental conservation, a government environment official said.

    "Our IPs are in the frontline of nature conservation because of their deep connection to their natural environments. Preserving the balance of the ecosystem has always been the indigenous way of life," said Jim Sampulna, DENR regional director.

    A forum in the IP community for Aetas (Atis) in Barotac Veijo, Iloilo, will highlight the pre-celebration of Earth Day on April 21. The forum will focus on biodiversity and climate literacy.

    Aside from the Aeta, DENR ...

  • First Family Caving At Bakwitan Cave Islas De Gigantes Norte

    One of the locals who was selling Halo-halo told us that there are three caves in their island, we have only been to Bakwitan. Life in their island is really tough. Oh, let me tell you that finding these caves are much easier than finding a halo-halo vendor, as everything had to be shipped by boat from either Carles or Estancia port, also, I'm guessing not every household have a refrigerator, even the resort we're staying at.

    These caves, more than a tourist destination are part of the locals' lives, as it had been their refuge from unimaginable storms. Back in World War 11 it had been a ...

  • DENRs Environmental Reminder For Lent

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is reminding vacationers in Western Visayas to be mindful of the environment during the Lenten season.

    "Let us all try to be mindful of our surroundings," urged Jim Sampulna, regional director of Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) office for Western Visayas.

    Tens of thousands of Catholics are expected to trek to the mountains in Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Guimaras, and Iloilo provinces that have religious sanctuaries.

    Sampulna said those who will have a cookout should be cautious, especially in forest areas, to ...

  • Guiritsan Falls Igcabugao Igbaras

    Guiritsan Falls From Brgy. Igcabugao, Igbaras, Iloilo, Philipines you have to climb mountains for almost two hours. Upon reaching the place, you feel the aura so romantic and so exotic. Once you reach the falls its definetly worth it. :)
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  • Mount Napulak A Climb Of Redemption

    Thanks to thorough planning, organization, and preparation (and a little bit of luck), we safely and successfully reached the summits of all the mountains we plan to climb. All except one. That's the sacred Nipple Rock of Mt. Napulak in Igbaras, Iloilo. It seemed that the first time we tried to reach its sacred pinnacle, the mountain shooed us away, deeming us not worthy to step on her bosom. Five years after our first attempt, we decided to persuade Mt. Napulak that we were truly deserving guests on her slopes.

    Why weren't we able to reach the peak of Igbaras' most famous mountain? Well, d ...

  • A Man Made Mangrove Forest Thrives In Iloilo

    A man-made mangrove forest in Leganes, Iloilo province, is now becoming a magnet for birds, a variety of spawning fish species, mud crabs and other marine wildlife.

    The 15-hectare Katunggan Park in Barangays Gua-an and Nabitasan, which used to be fishponds, is now thickly covered with mangroves.

    From being an abandoned, underutilized and unproductive fishpond, proponents of the project reverted the area into a mangrove forest for climate-change mitigation and adaptation—and later a tourist and learning destination.

    Milkfish producer

    Located 11 kilometers north of the capital Iloi ...