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  • 157-year-old Ancestral House In Ilocos Sur Declared Important Cultural Property

    157-year-old Ancestral House In Ilocos Sur Declared Important Cultural Property

    The 157 year-old Querubin ancestral house situated in the town of Caoayan, Ilocos Sur was declared an important cultural property (ICP) by the National Museum.

    The ancestral house, which served as residence for Ilocano patriots and iconic public servants, was built in 1860 by Don Tomas Querubin, a philanthropist and an elected gobernadorcillo (mayor) for two terms in the town. The house was later inherited by Don Dimas Querubin.

    Found inside the ancestral house are centuries-old furniture, relics and photographs of the Querubin family through generations.

    Descendants like Carl Vincent ...

  • Spanish-era Bridge In Vigan Named National Cultural Treasure

    Spanish-era Bridge In Vigan Named National Cultural Treasure

    Considered as an architectural marvel and a priceless legacy, the Ayusan-Paoa Spanish-era bridge situated in this city was declared a National Cultural Treasure (NCT) by the National Museum.

    The bridge was possibly constructed on 1842 based on documents presented. This makes it an integral part of the Mestizo District of the city, which was declared an NCT in 1975.

    Vigan City chairman of the Committee on Heritage Conservation Councilor Francisco Ranches III was grateful for the declaration, which happened Monday.

    In 2015, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) had planned ...

  • Lakwatsa Ilocos Northern Philippines

    The province of Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte which is located in the Northern part of the Philippines is now one of my favorite places. The destinations and of course the warmth of the people is beyond words. Checking ILOCOS off my bucket list.

  • Action-packed Kid-friendly Ilocos Adventure

    Action-packed Kid-friendly Ilocos Adventure

    Ilocos has always been one of my favorite regions. Aside from it being my grandmother?s province, I truly enjoy my visits there. I tell myself that the children would have a great time there, so I should bring them soon.

    Upon realizing that a long weekend was coming up, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to take the children on an impromptu trip?as spontaneous as you could be when traveling with three children.

    Amazingly, everything worked out better than I imagined. A simple phone call to ask if a friend would be in the area turned a family trip into a laughter-filled adventure for si ...

  • Baluarte Zoo In Vigan Ilocos Sur

    Baluarte Zoo In Vigan Ilocos Sur

    I've seen Chavit Singson many times, on TV, while playing with his pet, a tiger.

    You know Chavit Singson? The former Governor of Ilocos Sur who has rose to fame during former President Erap Estrada's time. Controversial times. But I am not here to talk about his past and even politics. I am just checking if you really know him. Hahaha! Going back to the tiger. The videos were shot from his privately owned zoo in Vigan called Baluarte.

  • Family Vacation In Ilocos Sur Part 1

    December 24-26, 2016. This was our first time to travel and have family vacation in Ilocos Sur and it was totally fun!

    This video has part 2 and/or part 3 as I couldn't compile all the beautiful places that we went to and the fun activities that we had in just one video.I will post our itinerary with my next video.

    Enjoy watching & be inspired!