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  • Ilocos Philippines Slow Life In Vigan And Pagudpud Plus Commute Tips

    Ilocos is one of the abundant provinces in the Philippines when it comes to tourist spots. There are many sights to see both in Ilocos Sur (south of Ilocos) and Ilocos Norte (north of Ilocos) but in our recent trip, we chose to travel and enjoy slow life in 3 days and 2 nights.


    We've spent our first day in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. It is one of the heritage city the Philippines is proud of. It was my second time here but I still have this awestruck feeling when I strode by the famous Calle Crisologo.

    After 7 hours of travel from Manila, we first took a rest in our hotel room. We booked ...

  • Filipinos Urged To Help Heal Damaged Ozone Layer

    A lawmaker is asking Filipinos to continue doing their share in helping heal the ozone layer while they are also taking action to address other environs concerns like climate change.

    Senator Loren Legarda made this announcement following the release of a recent study of science experts, who found evidence that the Earth's protective ozone layer is finally healing due to efforts started in the 1980s to phase out the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and other destructive chemicals.

    Legarda's call to the Filipinos was also issued in connection to the obser ...

  • Time Stands Still At Vigan

    Walking through the cobblestone street of Calle Crisologo, towered by heritage homes on both sides, seems like a stroll to the past. The lower floors of some of these homes are now being used as shops that display the local products of Vigan. During my first visit in this city, my friends and I climbed one of these houses and found that the upper floors still function as residential spaces.

    It's relaxing to walk around Vigan. There are less motorized vehicles in the city compared with other cities in the country. Instead, horse-driven carriages, called the karwahe or carruaje, are still com ...

  • Calle Crisologo Spanish Era Houses In Vigan Philippines

    I have visited several parts of our country and as always made sure to cover century-old churches, ancestral houses and other historical sites in my itinerary. More than their captivating architectural designs, it's their story that I'm after.

    The real significance of it - memories, it is priceless. I saw how these residences were preserved, repaired and returned to its former glory and how they are now made into heritage museums showcasing memoir and even family heirlooms and stories, restaurants and even hotels with its aesthetic features unimpaired. I remember while walking in Calle Cris ...

  • Ilocos Vigan Heritage Village

    If you want to go back in time and relive our good old culture minus the time machine, Vigan City is a must-visit attraction. It is located in the heart of Ilocos Sur and a home of preserved Spanish colonial town established in 16th country.

    As UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vigan Heritage Village is all about immaculate cobbled-stoned streets, mixture of Asian and European architecture and grid street pattern. Don't get confused with Vigan Heritage Village and Calle Crisologo. The latter is a spread nested inside the city which is filled with Spanish-style houses. Trivia: Calle Crisologo is n ...

  • Ilocos Escapade

    I know this post is too late and so much might have changed in Ilocos but I just want to share the pictures of nature! Hope you'll find the place a beauty (Of course I know you love it, if you go and experience it). Here we go.

    First things first, of course the well known Vigan. Vigan is the most intact example in Asia of a planned Spanish colonial town, established in the 16th century. Its architecture reflects the coming together of cultural elements from elsewhere in the Philippines and from China with those of Europe and Mexico to create a unique culture and townscape without parallels ...