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  • Saud Beach In Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

    On the second day of our 2-week cheap backpacking adventure, we found ourselves hooked to this beautiful beach in North Luzon called the Saud beach. I didn't wanna leave. I couldn't resist myself not to share photos on my social media accounts the very moment we arrived. If you'd seen it, even just through digital photos, you'd understand why. These photos are certainly gonna make you cringe. Not also going to apologise for it. Such a beautiful danger ahead! You've been warned!

    Day 1 & 2

    The First Eight Hours

    Just handed a hundred peso bill to the guy in yellow uniform who's standing ...

  • The Blue Lagoon And The Kabigan Falls In Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

    Went to see the famous "Blue Lagoon" and the Kabigan falls during our last day in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. The whole trip was less exciting and adventurous than I expected.

    The Great Start

    He's pacing back and forth. 6am. That's the agreed time to meet. The tricycle driver, whom we've arranged to take us around, was late.

    Got tempted more than one time to say something to my friend. For some reason, I just kept my mouth shut. I could understand why he was getting impatient, whilst I was a bit considerate with the whole situation. Patience isn't one of my virtues, as one ex-boyfriend to ...

  • Trip To Ilocoso Norte

    Trip to Laoag City, Ilocoso Norte.

    Bangui Windmill
    Pagudpud Beach
    Patapat Viaduct Bridge
    Blue Lagoon Resort
    Town of Adams
    Wine Tasting
    Anupig Hidden Falls
    Ancient hanging Bridge in Adams, Ilocos Norte

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  • Himala Sa Buhangin Festival Haven Of Art Food Music

    The 81-kilometer stretch of sand dunes of Paoay will once again become a haven of art installations, food strip, and endless rave music for the fifth Himala sa Buhangin Art and Music Festival on Saturday.

    This year, more than 70 Ilocano artists and designers were tapped to create the art installation inspired by the Legend of Paoay Lake. The lake was declared as a national park in 1969.

    In the past, organizers worked with internationally renowned artists who introduced art installations in the province like Leeroy New, who constructed a large scale installation art using indigenous mater ...

  • 9 Months Back In The North

    Our Tourism Global and Understanding class had a cultural exposure tour last year in Ilocos and I'm posting it super late because I can! Yes. The home of our late president, Ferdinand Marcos. I was so excited for this tour because 1. Ilocos is on my travel list 2. I wanted to take photos of the scenes in the North and 3. I needed a break from hell, aka school.

    I will not anymore discuss the deets about my experience during our travel to Ilocos for I have a short term memory loss like Dory from Finding Nemo -just kidding- and as you can see this happened 9 months ago so with a girl who has a ...

  • Ilocos Region A Journey Up North

    Summer is just around the corner but this time, let's skip the beach trip for a while and head up north to see what's in store for us!

    Being 10 hours away from Manila (estimated time via land trip), the province of Ilocos is on the northern tip of the Luzon island. Thus, it is really important to plan your trip ahead if you would like to visit the region. From the usual beach trips to historical churches to wonderful sites of nature and adrenaline-rush activities, Ilocos Region has got you covered.

    On a joined tour with 15 guests, me and my friends spent our long weekend at Ilocos and ...