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  • Ifugao Banaue Rice Terraces

    Located in Banaue in the province of Ifugao, Banaue Rice Terraces is a well known National Cultural Treasure of the Philippines.

    It was carved and built some 2,000 years ago by the ancestors of the indigenous people on the mountains of Ifugao. Banaue Rice Terraces are locally referred to as the Hagdan-Hagdang Palayan ng Banawe. It is also dubbed as the "Eighth Wonder of the World"

    he terraces is approximately 1500 meters or about 5000 feet above sea level, making it one of the highest farms in the country. Surprisingly, these bimillennium old terraces are still being used today and has c ...

  • No Tour Guide Through The Ifugao Rice Terraces In Banaue Philippines

    I spent 21 days in the Philippines, travelling from Manila (Flew in from Sydney, Australia) to Baguio by bus. Spent the night there. Then from Baguio to Banaue via bus also. The transportation took longer than expected due the the narrow, busy, and unexpected mountain terrain the whole way. But it was a beautiful drive.

    Whilst arriving in Banaue we checked into our AirBNB with Randolf, a very helpful, passionate filipino which told us the way through the Banaue rice terraces. Literally all he said was; "Start at the top and follow the path". Well it wasn't exactly perfect instructions but i ...

  • Visiting The Ifugao Rice Terraces A Few Things To Reflect On

    The rice terraces are world famous, and the popular tourist site has also gone through several ups and downs over the years. It was always referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, but never officially made the coveted list. In 2001, however, it landed a spot on the danger list that almost cost it the recognition of being a world heritage site.

    The threats stem from unregulated development, weak farming management, and uncontrolled tourism.

    As visitors, we can all take a moment to appreciate the stories of the mountains and its people, and hopefully work with each other to sustain t ...

  • Batad Rice Terraces Of Banaue Ifugao

    Batad Rice Terraces is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site-listed rice terraces in the Philippines located in Batad, Banaue in Ifugao Province.

  • The Salvation Of Batad Ifugao

    The bus terminal in Banaue stood at a cliff with a view of the just-rising sun. Local men were huddled outside the terminal munching on nga nga, a mixture of betelnut fruit and leaf and apog, lime powder. They would fold the leaf with the fruit and apog inside and chew it, until they salivate and start spitting. Their lips and teeth turn to the color of the flesh of a grapefruit. Elisa, our Batad guide later that day, said some people consider it as a bad habit, like smoking but those who enjoy it said it helps their now stained teeth remain strong. "Pampainit din daw 'pag malamig," she was to ...

  • Sagada The Hidden Paradise

    Magical and hypnotic, Sagada, is home to breathtakingly massive, pine-clad, and cloud-covered mountains, graceful rice terraces, magnificent caves and dramatic waterfalls, sparklingly clear streams, and the proud and extremely rich Kankanaey culture and people – the true jewel of the Cordillera.

    Sagada, formerly called Ganduyan, is a quaint and quiet town of Mountain Province tucked away in the stunning mountains of Northern Luzon – 12 hours drive north of Manila, 5-6 hours north of Baguio City and about 2 hours further from the provincial capital, Bontoc. Sagada was what Baguio City wa ...