Ifugao News

  • Northern Philippine Series In Batad

    Personally, there is what I so called "tangina naman" moments.

    But here is I would say this is a "put@ng*ina naman talaga" moment, make it double please!

    We reserved going to Batad and Tappiya falls on our last day in Ifugao for two reasons:

    First, according to handful of people we came across with for the past couple of days, it was really a knee-breaking hike. Second, witnessing these two valuable Philippine treasures is worth the broken bones (just in case)!

    We headed out the dirt road at around 8 AM with the 90s music shuffling in our ears.

    I thought that the oscillating cor ...

  • PHL Further Elevates Biodiversity Conservation Bid

    The Philippines is elevating further its biodiversity conservation efforts with a new project that aims to promote sustainable mechanism for better conservation, protection and management of the country's natural resources.

    Through the 2015-2019 Philippine ICCA Project, the Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) and its partners will work on institutionalizing indigenous community conservation area (ICCA) as an alternative and sustainable mechanism for better conserving, protecting and managing Philippine protected areas outside coverage of Republic Act No. 7586 (National Integrated Protected ...

  • Knitting Earning Expedition

    Somewhere between the Unesco-inscribed rice terraces of Banaue and Hungduan, the passions of one woman converged to make a colorful venture with a farming community.

    Candice Reyes-Alipio, an avid knitter and mountaineer, runs Knitting Expedition, a social enterprise that aims to augment the income of women farmers in Uhaj, a little-known village in Ifugao that remains dependent on rice farming.

    Located half an hour from the drop-off point for visitors to Banaue, Uhaj itself is not much of a tourist draw.

    At best, it is a rest stop for trekkers on their way to Hungduan and a place to s ...

  • ByahengNorte Banaue Sagada Baguio DIY Trip Itinerary And Budget

    Oh!!! We'll be having another long weekend again and you haven't made any plans yet? How about going North? Time to pack your things and let us go shoestring travel and get out from this busy city.

    If you are not fan of sun, sand and sea then put your jacket on and we'll be heading to 3 of the Philippines coldest places: Banaue, Sagada and Baguio. This a 4Nigths/3 Days Trip and target budget is Php2,600/pax.

    The first leg of our trip will be a 9-hr overnight Ohayami Trans Bus to Banaue. It leaves at 10PM (and 9PM during peak season) from the Ohayami station near UST (Lacson Avenue cor. F ...

  • Trekking Banaue Rice Terraces

    Banaue Rice Terraces is considered as the 8th Wonder of the World. Located in the Ifugao province, in the Cordillera region in northern Philippines, these man made wonders were hand-carved from the mountains by Ifugao tribesmen 2000 years ago. The terraces are situated at an average of 1500 meters (4800 feet) above sea level, they cover 1036 square kilometers (about 400 square miles) of mountainside. They are fed by an ancient irrigation system from the rain forests above the terraces. It is believed that if you put the rice fields steps end to end, it can go half circle the globe.

    Still i ...

  • Extreme Filipino Games Ifugao Becoming Filipini

    Filipino Games are awesome!! In Ifugao I had a chance to participate in a lot of different traditional Filipino games. THEY WERE EXTREME!

    From running in a G-String, to Wrestling, to climbing Bamboo Poles!

    I was super blessed to be so welcomed during the Gotad ad Ifugao Festival in Lagawe, and truly appreciate all the experiences I got to have! This is a short video of "Extreme Filipino Games" in Ifugao! THANK YOU EVERYONE for the good vibes and experiences! I can't wait till next years Festival!

    Super Apir!