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  • Banaue And Sagada Travel Guide, Batad Rice Terraces, Tappiyah Falls Accommodation And Budget

    Taking a break from my Singapore posts to finally share with you our Banaue/Sagada trip a few months back. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision (our original plan was to go to Ilocos) which proved to be worthwhile. Instead of going straight to Sagada, we decided to do start our trip at Banaue first. It was also my first time there so I didn't know what to expect. We only stayed there for 1 night and 1 day, but we were able to do so much! Here are stories and photos from our trip including our budget. Read on.

    I only know 2 bus companies which offers Manila to Banaue routes-- Ohayami & Dangw ...

  • Ifugaos Mumbaki Population In Decline

    On Monday, a mumbaki of Kiangan, Rommel Tayaban, presided over a ritual for the safe voyage of Joan Guitoben, an overseas Filipino worker, back to Canada.

    The mumbaki -- an indigenous priest -- marked the beginning of the ritual in Guitoben's residence with a prayer in Tuwali, the native language of Ifugao, followed by the offering of rice wine, betel nut, and the slaughter of six native chickens for their ancestors and deities.

    The favor of their ancestors and deities is said to manifest in the aesthetic condition and color of the chickens' bile. With the mumbaki's blessing, the chicken ...

  • Painting Set For Houses Along Rice Terraces In Ifugao Philippines

    Can paint bring back the glory of the Ifugao rice terraces?

    In a bid to enhance the innate charm of the ancient rice terraces in Ifugao, Department of Tourism (DOT)-Cordillera Regional Director Venus Tan has embarked on yet another painting project.

    The idea to paint the rooftops of homes in the view of terraces aims to blend with the colors of the mountains seen to start next week as DOT's top brass, Davies Paints and stakeholders will be present to grace initial ceremonial painting of homes along the Batad and Bocos villages.

    Tan said painting will kick off on the 17th to coincide ...

  • Sagada Batad 3 Day Budget Itinerary

    My friends and I have this yearly holy week escapade and this year was totally amazing. This is not the perfect trip but this is the most awesome outdoor experience that we all did together. We did trekking, caving and spelunking in Sagada and lived like natives while savoring the awe-spiring, breathtaking stairway to the skies in Batad, Ifugao.

    This is a 3-day budget travel itinerary to Sagada and Batad which all of you can follow step by step. I want to share with you all you need to know before you visit these two beautiful places in the northern part of the Philippines. All about touris ...

  • Batad And Banaue Rice Terraces In Ifugao

    Beautiful places to go in rice terrace, Ifugao Province.

  • Travel Guide To Sagada Philippines

    Sagada is a beautiful small town in the Mountain Province of the Philippines. There are tons of outdoor activities you can enjoy here, particularly cave and waterfall exploration. The following is a quick guide for an extended weekend jaunt from Manila or wherever else you may happen to be.

    1. Length of stay

    Do what I did, treat yourself to a long weekend and spend three days in Sagada. This should be the perfect amount of time to see it all and fit in some side trips.

    2. Find your adobe

    While accommodation was arranged by our hell-on-wheels tour, we quite liked where we got to la ...