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  • Cabugan Island Of Nueva Valencia Guimaras

    Cabugan Island Of Nueva Valencia, Guimaras.

  • The Majestic Guimaras Island

    Before this trip materialized, I would often mention 'Guimaras' whenever people ask what will be our first destination as soon as we land in Iloilo International Airport. And no, Guimaras is not part of Iloilo but it's 15 minutes boat away from Ortiz Wharf. Guimaras is popularly known for its Mango as it is the producer of the 'Sweetest Mango in the World.'

    First, let me tell you how I freaked out when Cebu Pacific announced the list of canceled flights from March 6 – March 11 due to some maintenance, and how unfortunate that our flights to and from Iloilo fall within those dates. I immed ...

  • Naturally Guimaras Of Spanish Ruins Mangoes And Windmills

    With a total land area of a little over 604 square kilometers and a population of just over 174,000 souls (NSO-2015), Guimaras Island may be a dwarf among its larger cousin Panay Island. However, within this tree-rich island province is a mishmash of natural, historical, cultural, and technological attractions that captivate the mind, body, and soul.

    One thing we noticed about Guimaras is that it is gifted with an immense variety of palms, thickets, trees, and other foliage. It is actually one of the most diverse places we've ever visited in terms of flora.

    In our backpacking trips, we a ...

  • Island Hopping Around Nueva Valencia A Pleasant Adventure For The Starry-Eyed Couple

    Sweetie and I want our love celebrations to have a dash of exciting adventure. You rarely see us having dates in malls, cafes, theaters, or bars. We find secluded and pristine places more romantic, more in tune with our love for each other, and more likely to ignite the fires of our passion. That is why rarely visited destinations such as the rocky islets and green lagoons around Nueva Valencia in Guimaras never fail to charm us.

    Once our boatman, a middle-aged and quiet fellow named Mario, arrived from his short errand, we promptly went under way, with huge smiles on our faces. On our way ...

  • Island-Hopping At Guimaras

    Everything had gone smoothly during our visit to Guimaras. Until this time. We had just boarded a boat at Alubihod Beach for our island-hopping trip. Despite having rained the previous days – it was the southwest monsoon or habagat season – the sun was up and the waters of the Panay Gulf unusually calm. Our first destination was easily visible on the horizon and, from what we knew, just 15 minutes away. Our motorized outrigger started its engine and we waited for the boat to speed up. So far, so good. We waited… and waited… and waited.

    We must have waited for more than 5 minutes but ...

  • The Beautiful Alubihod Beach Guimaras

    Sometimes you just have to go with the most popular place in town. We usually favor off-the-beaten-path destinations, especially when it comes to beaches, because they're usually pristine and devoid of the tourist crowd. But with limited time on our hands – we were on a side-trip after a series of meetings at Iloilo – we chose to stay at Alubihod Beach on Guimaras Island. With our flight back to Manila just two days away we decided not to take a chance on other less known and less accessible beaches. We ended up at Raymen's Beach Resort, probably the most popular in Guimaras.

    The trip t ...