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  • Kika Home Gardening

    Greenpeace document the ecological farming practices of the women's group Kika-GAWA(Gios Anuron Women's Association) in Mercedes, Eastern Samar founded by Remedios Quirante. KiKa is a women's organization that has common interest in building back Brgy. Anuron a better place after it was devastated by super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Greenpeace support Ecological farming to enable communities to produce enough food to feed themselves. This form of agriculture fosters a future of healthy farming, and healthy food, to all people. Ecological farming helps the world's population to mitigate??"and ada ...

  • Paradise Islands Homonhon, Manicani Nurse Mining Wounds

    Paradise Islands Homonhon, Manicani Nurse Mining Wounds

    Manicani and Homonhon islands in the central Philippines offer rich history surrounded by virgin coastlines. But beneath the beauty lie mining areas that have altered the landscape.

    "The beauty of the islands will soon be gone if people will not oppose mining and the destruction of the environment," said Yolanda Esguerra, national coordinator of Philippine-Misereor Partneship Inc (PMPI).

    "It is like a train wreck waiting to happen. If these open pit-mining sites will be left unrestored, it will endanger the lives of the people living in the communities, aside from the fact that it alread ...

  • How Tourism Can Be Good For Coral Reefs

    How Tourism Can Be Good For Coral Reefs

    Coral reefs could be considered the poster child of nature-based tourism. People come specifically to visit the reefs themselves, to swim over shimmering gardens of coral amongst hordes of fish. But even if you aren't snorkeling or diving on a reef, your tropical beach vacation was likely made possible by a coral reef.

    The world's coral reefs perform many essential roles. They are home to the fish that provide the food - and often livelihoods - for nearly 100 million people. They also act as barriers against the worst impacts of storms, protecting the beaches and the millions of people who ...

  • Linao Cave At Guiuan Eastern Samar

    Summer Adventur Linao Cave At Guiuan Eastern Samar...

  • People Smile At The Sun In Suluan Eastern Samar

    People Smile At The Sun In Suluan Eastern Samar

    The weather is unpredictable. The clear blue sky does not guarantee a whole day of sunshine just as the thick clouds in heaven do not tell a long rainfall.

    But while many frown on the scorching heat of the sun, here in this island, the sun always brings a smile to its hundreds of residents. A sunny day means it is time for the residents to bring out their solar panels and get ready with their mobile phones and other electronic gadgets that need to be charged.

    "The sun is very important to us because this is where we get the electricity needs of the community," said Anecito Loyola, a vill ...

  • Solar Power Lights Up Historic Suluan Island

    This easternmost island in the country may have been the first victim of a climate-induced disaster, but it recently made a strong statement to protect Mother Earth by adapting a low-carbon lifestyle.

    Since Supertyphoon Yolanda (international code name Haiyan) first made landfall on this island over three years ago, residents have been slowly moving away from diesel generators to using solar-powered home systems to light up their homes and run a few appliances.

    The Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC), in partnership with the UK-based charity Christian Aid and the local wo ...