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  • A Simple, Peaceful And Romantic Getaway At Island Garden Resort In Pangubatan Samal

    Whew! That's a long title. But not as long as the road that we took just to get to this paradise.

    Situated more than 40kms away from Babak, Samal, the Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan is not known to many (at least for me). I've never heard about this resort until Jan's office mates decided to have their quarterly event here. But for some reason, the event didn't push through - which could only mean, Jan and I ended up having the whole weekend all to ourselves!

    And we definitely had a great time! This vlog will tell you so:

    Anyway, here are some of our pictures because I am too lazy ...

  • Summer Adventure Awaits Tourist In Samal

    The Island Garden City of Samal in Davao del Norte is known for its beautiful beach resorts, the main reason why tourists frequently visit the island.

    However, there are other ways that tourists can enjoy Samal this summer.

    One is through an extreme water adventure. Visitors can try the giant water slide and water blob at Maxima Aqua Fun Resort in Barangay Peñaplata.

    According to Erma Hagnaya, during her firsts attempts, she got scared. But eventually she found them quite funny and enjoyable.

    "Scared at first but if you have tried it, it's fun," says Erma.

    You can also ride the ...

  • Samal Residents Turn Garbage Into Lifesavers

    Visitors here will soon experience eco-friendly lifesavers, thanks to efforts of locals who successfully merged ideas on recycling and tourist safety.

    In Barangay Tagbaobo, Kaputian District, where tourists can enjoy snorkeling and diving, tourists can temporarily ditch usual lifebuoys and try lifevests made from reused materials.

    Residents converted plastic bottles into vests, which are held together by fishnets.

    Rey Cortez, barangay councilor said they started with environment friendly lifesavers in 2013 when they strengthened the protection of marine and aquatic resources in their ...

  • Group Lauds PDP 2017-2022 Push For Marine Sanctuaries

    An ocean conservation advocacy non-governmental organization on Thursday lauded the adoption of small-scale fisheries model, a policy to be pushed by the government under the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2017 to 2022 approved last month.

    In a news statement, Rocky Sanchez-Tirona, vice president for Rare Philippines, said in its latest development plan the government announced a commitment to pursue preferential access for small-scale fishers in managing coastal fishing grounds and marine sanctuaries.

    The PDP 2017 to 2022 sets targets and lays down policies that serve as the basis fo ...

  • Travel Davao Day 3 Monfort Bat Cave And Around Samal

    To the bat cave off we went on our first (and only full day) in Samal Island, Davao.

    We rode a motorcycle called habal habal which is a common mode of transportation in Samal. It was a 45-minute drive from our hotel to the Monfort Bat Cave. We chose this destination as this is the world's record-holding bat colony - and I feel the need to see and experience it.

    Monfort Bat Cave Entrance Fee is Php 100 and there is a guide who took us to the openings/sink holes.

    There was a stinky smell because of the bat droppings but it was bearable. I couldn't explain what I felt when we went to the ...

  • Sanipaan Island Samal City Davao Del Norte

    Sanipaan Island is an island located in Barangay Tambo, Samal City. The island has several names. It is also called as Vanishing Island, Wishing Island, Arboles Island and Arboles Shoal. The island is mostly composed of mangroves and sandbar. Most of the island is submerged during high tide and it appears during low tide and that is why it is also called as Vanishing Island. There's no source of electricity and fresh water in the island. There is a large concrete building in the island with a wooden pathway.

    How to get there:

    From Manila, ride a plane bound for Davao City. From Davao Air ...