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  • Sarangani Islands Balut Island And Olanivan Island

    Balut Island, also known as Malulong, is a volcanic island south of the tip of Davao Occidental province in the Mindanao region, Southern Philippines.

  • Balut Island Tour

    Balut Island Tour.

    2800 per pax inclusives are the ff:
    1 jersey(Climb Machine)
    5 meals
    Transportation Gensan to Balut Island Vice versa
    Transportation habal going to jump off (Viewing deck)
    Pumpboat for island hopping(olanivan and sarangani island)
    Entrance at private resort and tuke maklang
    Close cottage
    Guide fee
    Minimum of 10 pax
    For more details Just contact this number 09176424404

  • Things To Do When Visiting Balut Island-Sarangani Islands Sarangani Davao Occidental

    Things To Do When Visiting Balut Island-Sarangani Islands Sarangani Davao Occidental

    The municipality of Sarangani in Davao Occidental is consists of two major Islands, the Balut Island and Sarangani Island, and an islet called Olanivan Island. These islands were located in the south of Mindanao in the Celebes Sea. Mabila, in Balut Island is the town's center for commerce and local government.

    Balut Island is the largest among the islands mentioned above, better cultivated and the higher one with an elevation of 2,828 ft. above sea level. At the center of the Island is Balut Volcano, a fomarolic volcano that has no history of eruption.

    In this article, I am going to summ ...

  • Balut And Sarangani Island Adventures

    Balut And Sarangani Island Adventures

    I have been warned a thousand times that it's not easy to get there. But what they don't realize is that they are talking to Sarah. What would not be easy for me? *smirks*

    Balut Island can be crossed with 50 to 70-seater cargo vessels from the port of General Santos City, which usually only sail at night and most often fully booked. And depending on the vessel, the journey takes about 6-8 hours. Since we only have the weekend to explore the southernmost point of the Philippines, taking the alternative route - the fastest, shortest albeit thrilling ride - would be our best option to make the ...

  • Balut Island Of The Other Sarangani

    Balut Island Of The Other Sarangani

    Balut Island was a mystery to me when I heard its name for the first time from one of our farm workers over two decades ago. I imagined it to be an island full of balut (duck embryo) and its various versions, penoy and matra. I have also heard of stories about the difficulty of transportation going there??"stories of huge waves that sea vessels have to brave in order to reach the island. For many years, I had never seen any photo of the island, which made me even more curious about it. Yes, it was that curiosity about the island's mystery that sent me on my way to Balut Island not so long ago. ...

  • Region 11 List Ep 21 In Balut Island Part 2

    I kept this #BecomingFilipino video incredibly raw again...

    What a fun/random/unique day on Balut Island, the Southeastern tip of Mindanao! This video is a classic example of how "unstructured and random" my adventures are! We never really plan anything! Just follow Kalipay! I ended up on a random mission through the hills of the island with a few locals from the Sangil Tribe (Muslim). Next thing you know I stumbled upon a hotspring....

    THAT WAS FOR LABA! KusKus Piga pa More!

    Later on I found myself driving Cindy way off into the bukid on another mystery mission... I really w ...