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  • Exploring Asik-Asik Falls Cotabatos Glorious Gem

    The Philippines has numerous gorgeous and stunning waterfalls all throughout its thousands of islands. One of the most stand outs among these waterfalls that I'm blessed to have visited is the Asik-Asik Falls of Cotabato. This mystical waterfall in Alamada, Cotabato isn't so easy to reach as traveling here is going to take a lot of hours. In our case, the whole Asik Asik experience required a whole day.

    My trip to Asik-Asik Falls was a part of a 4-day adventure in Region 12 (Soccsksargen: South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and General Santos City). I have previously blogged ...

  • Travel Guide Cotabato City

    Did you know that Cotabato City doesn't belong to the Province of Cotabato nor South Cotabato? It actually, politically and geographically belongs to Maguindanao Province.

    Apparently, the city's geopolitical location is as complicated as its history, culture and reputation. A city clouded with fear, and living in the stigma of its history and impression. A place struggling to move away from its own shadow.

    But the truth is, like other Mindanaoan City, Cotabato is typically diverse, multicultural and generally peaceful. As the provincial capital of Maguindanao, it is a melting pot of reli ...

  • A Diy Guide To Asik-Asik Falls

    Its many runnels formed white gushing veins against the green-and-black slab of mountain. I stood before it awed, tracing the tendrils back to the awning of thick shrubs up high, wondering how it worked. With Dennis, I had just spent forty-five minutes on a habal-habal and another thirty on foot descending the trail to the stony banks of Asik-asik Falls.

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    Asik-asik Falls is this baffling waterfalls in Alamada, North Cotabato. I say "baffling" because, unlike other cascades I've seen, it doesn't have a visible source u ...

  • 8 Enchanting Rivers In The Philippines That Will Make You Skip The Beach

    The Philippines is a tropical country, known to the rest of the world as a place full of beautiful beaches. It offers plenty of options, may it be a short travel outside of Metro Manila or a posh island that racks up the attention of Hollywood stars (Amanpulo, anyone?).

    Anyone you ask would recommend a great beach to go, either a touristy one or a beach less travelled to. Beaches get all the stars, yet most Filipinos forget that the Philippines is an archipelago, which means water is everywhere.

    The Philippine beaches have long been given the spotlight, but now is the time to show the ri ...

  • Asik-Asik The Spectacular Curtain Waterfall

    Mindanao, the southernmost and the second largest main island of the archipelagic Philippines, is indeed bestowed with the nature's finest gifts. From the northern region known for its majestic waterfalls all the way to the south, known for its beautiful and serene beaches - this place can be likened to that of a collage depicting nature itself. Every region will always have something to be proud of.

    Alamada, in the province of North Cotabato was once unknown to tourists until the discovery of Asik-Asik Falls. This Spectacular Curtain Waterfall brings thousands of visitors to Alamada and it ...

  • 5 Underrated Fascinating Tourist Destinations In Mindanao Philippines

    Mindanao, the southern group of Philippine islands, hide within it many travel gems that are yet to be discovered. Many amazing Mindanao points of interest remain a secret to the travel sphere and are only visited by the lucky few who would go out of their way to find these sites. Included in this list are just few of those many underrated, fascinating tourist destinations in Mindanao Philippines.

    Magpupungko Rock Formation and Tidal Pools – Siargao

    Why you should go

    When Mother Nature creates something out of its own beauty and energy, one must strive to witness it. Such is the cas ...