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  • Cebu Kawasan Falls And Whale Sharks And Zambales

    In February my family took a two week trip to my parents hometown- the Philippines!

    We explored Cebu for the first time, went to Kawasan Falls and swam with whale sharks.

    Back in Manila, my cousins and I journeyed to Zambales and spent the night camping in a tent nearby the beach.

  • Malapascua Island Divers And Beach Lovers Paradise But Not For Travelers Seeking Serenity

    When you begin to hear a lot of great things about one Island, you will as well get to be so curious about what it looks like. But like anybody else, I always have an idea of what's good in the eyes of many might also be good to me especially those stunning destinations. I know from the very start that I'm not really a huge fan of the beach, but there are times when I embrace that thought, I often see myself ambling around the beach or seeing myself seeking for an island experience that's full of island life which includes the feeling of being mollified by its own innate state. I know it's rea ...

  • Ogtoc Beach Of Ragay Camarines Sur

    You might want to experience the hidden beauty Ogtoc Beach of Ragay Camarines Sur this summer. The beach posses a fine sand, crystal clear water, and a breathtaking islet formation dotted with greenery. Situated in Brgy. Buenasuerte,Ragay, in the province of Camarines Sur. If you want to feast for a fresh catch in the place, Ragay LGU offer a cottage at very reasonable price.

    These place is perfect for different ocean activities and adventure such as swimming, snorkling, and islet exploration. But doing so, be sure to bring your footwear when you explore the whole island, because rock forma ...

  • Safeguarding Life Under The Sea At The Ginatilan Marine Sanctuary

    A marine sanctuary is a marine protected area or MPA that is a part of the ocean where human activity is limited by the government. Cebu has a number of marine sanctuaries in different parts of the island. These marine sanctuaries were established to ensure marine life can propagate and increase the supply of fish for the fisherfolk in the area. One of these marine sanctuaries is located in the town of Ginatilan.


    The town of Ginatilan is situated in the southwestern part of Cebu. It is known as the hometown of the second Filipino saint, St. Pedro Calungsod. The place used to be ...

  • Admire The Artistry Of Nature Through The Liog-Liog Rock In Ronda

    Rock formations usually result from weathering and erosion. These rock formations were sculpted by nature through thousands, if not, millions of years into their present state. Rock formations simply demonstrate both the power and artistry of nature. The Philippines has a number of notable rock formations scattered across the archipelago. One of these rock formations can be found in the southwestern town of Ronda, the Liog-Liog rock formation.


    The southwestern town of Ronda used to be called Huluyaw, which was derived from the name of a banana plant that thrived in the area. It was ...

  • Ultimate Cebu Trip North And South Kalanggaman Island

    We started our DIY trip by going North in Malapascua Island, spent the night under the stars to the sound of waves and beneath the sand. Went to Leyte for a day tour. Head back to Cebu City, grabbed a beer, enjoyed the crowd in Mango Square. Journeyed South Cebu for canyoneering, kawasan falls and Sardines Run in Moalboal.

    We skipped the whale shark encounter. Why? Hand-feeding the butandings in order to attract tourists disrupts the sharks' natural hunting and migratory patterns. To those planning to travel in Cebu, please do sardines run instead of whale shark encounter. Read below for de ...