Cebu News

  • Queen City Of The South Part 1 Tour

    Around 6:00 p.m. when we arrived at Pier 1 from Tagbilaran Pier and rode a taxi going to our accommodation at Cebu.

    We stayed at ALT Commercial Complex which was minutes to an hour away from the city. Our tour guide told us that that was not the most convenient location to stay if you're a tourist, because the city is the most accessible.

    ALT is a dormitory-type of guesthouse. It's a small airconditioned room good for 4 pax which has two double-deck and 1 cabinet with 4 compartments. It doesn't have a private restroom but there are 8 CR's per floor.

    For those budget conscious travelle ...

  • Enchantingly Beautiful Cancalanog Falls Of Alegria

    The island of Cebu has numerous treasures that have yet to be fully appreciated by many Cebuanos. These hidden treasures are generally known by the locals but are unfamiliar to people from the other parts in Cebu. One of these natural wonders is the Cancalanog Falls.

    Sight to Behold

    The Cancalanog Falls is a sight to behold for first-time visitors. Heck, it is a sight to behold even for return visitors who would be awed by the greenish-blue hue of the waters. The unique glow is reminiscent of the Enchanted River in Surigao. The waterfalls itself may not be as magnificent as the other fam ...

  • Queen City Of The South Part 2 Tour

    DAY 4 – OCTOBER 18, 2016

    On our 2nd day, we chose to do some South Cebu activities.

    Since It's 3-4 hours road trip going to Oslob, we left at ALT at around 4 in the morning and just caught up on some sleep during the ride. But our driver woke us up to see this beautiful sunrise.

    We also passed by at Oslob's old Cuartel and the old church near it (almost just across it), the Nuestra Señora de la Immaculada Conception church, which is one of the oldest churches in Cebu, to have some photos.


    We arrived at the Oslob Whaleshark Encounter location by aro ...

  • Capitol To Send Sinulog Contingent

    The Cebu provincial government will join this year's Sinulog with a float with an overarching concept of "stewardship."

    "We are the stewards of our history, and guardians of our culture and heritage," said Cebu Provincial Tourism Officer Joselito "Boboi" Costas.

    Costas said the theme of the Capitol's float will center on the "intersection of culture, environment and heritage."

    Cebu's endemic species, such as Hoya bicknellii, Cebu Flowerpecker, Kawasan Paper Kite (Idea leucone jumaloni), Cebu mistletoe and Cebu Cinnamon tree will bedeck the float.

    The Kawasan Paper Kite is a rare bu ...

  • The Hidden Beauty Of Gilutongan Island

    A year-end and a new year become beautiful because of those wonderful times and memories we already collected and we are about to collect out from 365 days. People are connected to one another each year. We live with love, peace, and unity. Time may pass but everything comes to so many things to remember. It shows the essence of WE is more powerful than ME.

    I got another memories to reminisce for the year 2016.

    I found that through one of my adventure at a crystal clear blue sea with my teammates before the year-end. But before I tell you about it let's look back my year 2015 team buildi ...

  • Hiking Up The Famous Peak Of The Metro With a Glimpse Of Falls And Flowers

    One lonely day I was wandering under the vast cerulean skies with the effulgent sun giving me an unusual radiance. With that I knew that this day would be extraordinary. And as I continued my musings and wanders, I was also looking at the sea of faces that have passed by me, curious about their own stories and dreams. Some faces were drowned by my own oblivion.

    But that just one moment, that one moment when I started going on a different path I saw you, sitting under the lone tree, enjoying your own freedom. Along this crowded and chaotic scenery, there I found you peacefully living in ...