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  • Balite Falls A Secret Getaway In Cavite

    Location: Amadeo, Cavite

    My wanderlust made me want to visit a place less traveled to. To commence my December, without forcing myself to wake up too early, I ventured to Cavite on my own.

    To be honest, the day prior to my solo weekend trip, I was still uncertain about where I want to go. I slept on a Friday night only knowing that I found one place rarely visited by others: Balite Falls.

    Thankfully, arriving to the place isn't that hard, at least for people who find happiness in going to unknown places.

    Here's how you could get there from any point in EDSA:

    Ride a bus along EDS ...

  • Awesome Waterfalls Near Manila For Cool Summer Daytrips

    Summer is well on its way, and with it comes the face-melting heat we all know and love (not really). Thankfully, we're also blessed with a ton of natural resources which provide instant relief from the sun. Apart from beaches and lakes, we also have dozens and dozens of waterfalls – some in one province alone!

    Just an hour or two from Manila are a plethora of choices for a relaxing and refreshing summer day trip. Check out these waterfalls near Manila for your next barkada adventure.


    Dahoyhoy Falls, Mauban

    Dahoyhoy Falls is merely 1 of a rumored 20 waterfalls in the town o ...

  • Cool Places To Unwind This Summer

    Many homes for sale in Tagaytay are sprouting because of the cooler climate of the city, spectacular view, and stress-free lifestyle. Apart from being a home to many beautiful houses, the city of Tagaytay is also known as one of the favorite tourist destinations of both local and foreign travelers.

    Cool places around the country are perfect spots to beat the scorching heat of the sun this summer season. Here are some of the popular cool places in the Philippines that are perfect locations for unwinding this summer.


    Who wouldn't want to experience the cool and windy weather whi ...

  • Balite Falls 2017

    Balite Falls A Natural Wonder In Amadeo, Cavite.

    Music: MØ - Final Song

  • Kaynipa Cove Awaits To Be Discovered

    Caylabne, Puerto Azul and Boracay de Cavite. These are just some of the beautiful beaches that can be found in the town of Ternate. But yet, there is one small cove that is just waiting to be discovered: the Kaynipa Cove. Among its features are its breathtaking view, fine white sands and gentle waves. But what sets this beach apart from the other beaches is its affordability as well as its (currently) being secluded.

    The beach is actually not part of our itinerary, because we originally intend to go to El Fraile (Fort Drum). But the unrelenting weather did not allow us to go and reach the h ...

  • Formidable Fort Of Carabao Island

    More known as Fort Frank, this island is one of the complex of defensive islands built by the Americans at the mouth of Manila Bay. The long, narrow island is surrounded by jagged cliffs, caves, rocky shores and topped by a lush, green forest. It's beauty is sometimes compared to that in Batanes. Though located just near the capital Manila, it is seldom visited, which probably helped in the preservation of its beauty.

    From Barangay Mercedes (Patungan), we sailed by boat going to the island. It took us forty minutes to reach the island. As we sailed further from the mainland, the initially c ...