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  • The Island Born Of Fire, Camiguin Part 2

    Hi beshies, Thank you for watching and I hope na nag enjoy kayo. Camiguin is a very peaceful place ang sarap lang isipin na I was able to bond the family of my bestfriend Besh Radha! Besh Radha.

    If you're watching. Thank you for the fun experience!! I love you everyday.

  • Melting Soft White Sand Island, Camiguin

    White island is just 10 minutes from shore from Camiguin mainland. They charge you 500 pesos for the boat ride which can be split between passengers. It's a long sandy island which is great to spend few hours to have a pick nick and snorkel. Met a local girl named Stef which split the cost and had a silly few hours there. Later I went to bed because I got so sick which followed by few more days being sick the remaining day in PH due to exhaustion. Can't wait to come back and explore this country further.

  • 48 Hours Camiguin Fun On Isle Born Of Fire

    48 Hours Camiguin Fun On Isle Born Of Fire

    Although Camiguin is only a speck on the northern part of Mindanao, the island province is packed with destinations that can make ones two-day break worthwhile.

    Camiguin is known as the island born of fire due to volcanic eruptions that shaped the province. In fact, the number of volcanoes in Camiguin, at seven, exceeds the number of its towns.

    Come again has become Camiguins catchphrase to entice visitors to return. Indeed, they are returning, earning the province a spot among the top destinations in the country due to its natural attractions.

    As the Philippines fifth most visited pr ...

  • Island Living In Camiguin

    The 3rd and final installment of my summer vacation. From the rapids of Cagayan de Oro to the ziplines of Bukidnon. Now, we enjoy the laid back island of Camiguin.

  • Top Spots To Visit In Camiguin Island Philippines

    Top Spots To Visit In Camiguin Island Philippines

    Have fun, get lost, don't mind the scorching heat! Start packing up your bags and let the adventure begin!

    Are you a travel geek? Then, let's go ahead and explore the hidden charm of Northern Mindanao.

  • Senate OKs Bill Increasing Number Of PH Protected Areas

    Senate OKs Bill Increasing Number Of PH Protected Areas

    The Senate on Monday approved a bill that expanded the number of protected areas in the country.

    Senate Bill No. 1444, or the "Expanded NIPAS Act of 2017" was approved on third and final hearing with 22 affirmative votes, zero negative vote, and zero abstention.

    It would bring 92 new areas, including six internationally-recognized natural sites, under the protection and management of the country's landmark National Integrated and Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act.

    The bill seeks to amend Republic Act 7586 or the NIPAS Act of 1992, in order "to include more areas and to ensure greater ...