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  • Kaogma Festival 2017 Happiness Overload At Camarines Sur

    Freedom Sports Complex, Pili, Camarines Sur – The temperature is rising at Camarines Sur for Kaogma Festival 2017: Happiness Overload!Brace yourselves because your summer is just about to start with 9 days celebration of arts, culture, history and people! This year, Camarines Sur marks its 438th Foundation Day, and it only gets better by the year!

    Kaogma Festival is more popularly known as "Kaogma Mardi Gras: The World's Hottest Festival," living to its theme of staging a series of colorful activities. Home to the spiciest foods on the planet, the thought of Camsur would send anyone the i ...

  • Take Me To Mt Isarog

    It was after typhoon when we headed to Naga City, Philippines to scale Mt. Isarog. A mountain which hold the reputation of being the highest forested peak in Southern Luzon. We planned this trip few months earlier and who would have thought that a powerful typhoon hit the province prior our climb. However, no typhoon can scare us so the climb was a go.

    After 9 hours' bus ride from Manila, we arrived at Naga City past 5 in the morning. We ate breakfast quickly, then took a tricycle to Carolina Terminal. At exactly 6 am, the jeepney going to Brgy Panicuason left the terminal. It would be nice ...

  • Re Discovering Mount Isarog Naga City Philippines

    I am born and raised a Nagueño.

    Certified lived, studied and working in this happy place or "Maogmang Lugar" called Naga City.

    I have been in and around Naga but I have re-discovered Malabsay Falls just recently. (Been there when I was 10 years old some 20 years back) It was when I was supposed to be at Tagaytay City last April 22, 2017 but something arise that the trip was cancelled so I went to a hike instead at Mt. Isarog.

    There are several FALLS at this mountain that most tourist doesn't know yet, I don't know maybe because of lack of advertisement of the place as it is a DENR p ...

  • Poro Island Hidden Paradise Of Libmanan Camarines Sur Bicol

    Bicol, Philippines still has a lot of unexplored wonders of nature… those not yet popularly known but will leave you coming back for more.

    We traveled via a jitney (Public Utility Vehicle) for 1.5 hours from Naga City to Brgy. Bahao port. The breath taking view of the coconut trees all over the place relaxed me during the trip… Then, from the port, there is another 25 mins. boat travel to Poro Island, Libmanan, Camarines Sur.

    I was with college friends and other joiners thru a tour package offered by Kaddlagan OutdoorAdventure Tour. But anyone can DIY going to the place. We first wen ...

  • San Antonio Beach Of Tinambac Unexploited And Total Wilderness Rapak Beach

    Aside from the beautiful white beach of Caloco, Municipality of Tinambac has more to offer, a sparkling waters of virgin beach in San Antonio, the "Rapak Beach". Instead of fine sand, San Antonio beach "Rapak Beach" shoreline is made of solid lime rock dotted with some fine sand. It's lush greenery and pristine water is a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

    The area is totally unexploited, no cottage, no comfort rooms, and no fresh water bath. San Antonio beach "Rapak Beach" is a total wilderness. So it's a wise choice to bring everything you need such as fresh water, drinking water, foods, ...

  • White Pebble Beach Resort Dolphin Haven Of Cam Sur

    If your looking for an unusual beach in Cam Sur, then Bagulatao beaches would it be.Situated in Brgy. Bagolatao, Minalabac, Camarines Sur. And among many beach resort lies in Bagulatao coastline, only the white pebble beach resort offers a complete amenities to beach goers.

    They have a shower area of fresh water, comfort rooms, cooking area, cottages, and rooms for over night. However, public shower and comfort rooms needs some more improvements.

    It's shoreline is filled with a pebble stone and no fine sand. And for the meditation activity, a pebble is chosen to represent four things in ...