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  • Calaguas 2017

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    Location: Calaguas Group of Islands, Vinzons, Camarines Norte

    Located in Bicol region Calaguas is a paradise with sand bars as white as Boracay's. If Burias Island have very limited water supply, Calaguas have unlimited supply of it thanks to its mountainous terrain that have abundant water source. Mobile signal is almost non-existent. You have to climb the mountain to get a decent signal reception. Boat ride from Vinzons port to the main island is approximately 2 hours.

  • Calaguas Island Adventure The Balagbag Island

    So after that minor trek in Tinago Hills (Check : Tinago Hills), we had our breakfast and I spent my remaining time in Tinaga Island walking around the shore. I initially intended to go for a quick swim but I was told that we will have longer swimming activity in the next island so i settled myself walking around the beach. It was our second and last day in Calaguas and we concluded this wonderful escapade with an island hopping activity. Unlike what we had in Burias, Masbate, we are not going to drop by from one island to another. We will just hop over the neighboring island of Tinaga, the Ba ...

  • The Tinago Hills Of Calaguas Island

    We were advised to climb the Tinago Hill as early as possible so we can all catch the sunrise. While our breakfast is still being prepared, we decided to hit the hill but it was too late to catch the sunset though.

    Just few meters away from the resort is a range of hills which is known to its locals as Tinago. Knowing that the island is called Tinaga, I initially thought that maybe i was misinformed or maybe I didn't get the details correctly. It could possibly be called Tinaga Hills but upon doing a research, it is indeed called Tinago.

    The name is probably taken from the Barangay Tinag ...

  • Our First Day In Calaguas The Mahabang Buhangin Beach Tinaga Island

    We were almost left by our group in Paracale Bay (Check : Paracale Bay) and we were also greeted by rain. I thought it was not a good start for our trip and for someone like me who never been to a long boat ride, I'm starting to freak out (seriously) but of course, I'm trying not to show it to my fellow travelers haha. Anyway, the boat went back to pick us up and so our journey to Calaguas Island began!

    It was a two hour boat ride from the port of Paracale to Tinaga Island. Although often referred as the Calaguas Island, Calaguas is actually a term given to a group of Islands in Camarines N ...

  • Calaguas Island Adventure The Paracale Bay

    I'm not going to put icing on the cake here but the travel time from Manila to Camarines Norte via land transportation is nothing more but one exhausting ride. They said that you can book a flight going to Naga City and ride a bus bound to Daet which will consume just a half (or even less) the time you spent on land travel. The Calaguas Island can be reached through two different ports; the one Vinzons or the port in Paracale. In our case, we took the Paracale Port and we were told that it's going to be a two hour long boat ride.

    After arriving in Paracale Bay, our team decided to take a ...

  • Quinamanukan Island Camarines Norte

    Adventure at Quinamanukan Island Camarines Norte.