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  • Smith Volcano Mt Pokis In Babuyan

    Continued from Hiking matters #546: From Calayan Island we proceeded to Babuyan Island to formally commence our series of volcano hikes. Babuyan Island – one of the most fascinating in the country – is home to the Ibatan tribe (not to be confused with the Ivatans of Batanes with a v, although they are culturally and linguistically related), who hold title to the entire island as their ancestral domain.

    In our approach to the island we were welcomed by the green-brown conical Smith Volcano (Mt. Pokis) – in my opinion second only to Mayon in beauty among the country's volcanoes. Behind ...

  • Didicas Volcano In Babuyan Youngest Philippine Island

    After the very memorable trip to Babuyan Island that saw us climbing Smith Volcano (Hiking matters #547) and Mt. Babuyan Claro (#548), we boarded the M/V Angelica to Camiguin de Babuyanes – also known as Camiguin Norte. But we had a very important detour to make: a visit to Didicas Volcano, the volcano island that emerged from the sea after a volcanic eruption in 1952 and rose to over 200 meters above sea level. This volcano held much significance for our group as we wanted to visit all four active volcanoes of the Babuyan Islands.

    We left Babuyan at 0710H, amid significantly rougher wate ...

  • Apayao Cave Summit On

    Tourism and environment will merge.

    A regional cave summit is set on Friday, April 21, putting safety, environmental protection and tourism at the forefront as the Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources lead the one day event.

    Apayao tourism officer Rebecca Tamaken Mamba said the summit aims to raise awareness on cave protection and promotions.

    The summit is a first for the province which gathers cave enthusiasts, guides, tourism officers and line agencies to highlight concerns on the caves in the province.

    Mamba added the summit will op ...

  • Cast Off Remote But Beautiful Palaui Island

    The rush of waves abated as our boat entered the cove at Cape Engano, the northeastern part of Palaui Island facing the Pacific. I collected myself from the rather wild boat ride earlier en route to Anguib Beach as the amihan, northeast monsoon, blew strong, riling the seas. But unlike my first visit several years ago, the same month as now, February, it was a bright and sunny day with picturesque blue skies. I'm back! I said to myself as I went down from the outrigger boat that brought our party of travel media into this rugged piece of land.

    Protected area

    Palaui Island is remote that ...

  • Cagayan Island Hopping Exploring The Unspoiled Beauty Of The North

    Surely, you already heard about the stunning beaches of Boracay and Palawan. But did you know that somewhere far north lies captivating islands less the crowd? Still under the tourist radar, we discovered some castaway destinations during our Cagayan island hopping.

    It had been a rainy weather throughout our Lakbay Norte trip. Our group even missed spelunking at the Sierra Cave because of the terrible downpour. We were hoping we will be granted a better weather on the last day of our trip – a day dedicated to seeing the islands of Cagayan. And just like an answered prayer, the rain greatl ...

  • Sibang Cove, Nagudungan Hill And Other Treks In Calayan Island, Babuyan

    I have long dreamed of climbing – or at least visiting – the volcanoes of Babuyan, and that dream was further stoked when we actually saw Camiguin de Babuyanes from Cagua Volcano and Palaui Island when we went there last year. Going to Babuyan, of course, is not an easy task: there is a narrow window during the dry months when it can be done without a high risk of getting stranded; such a risk was further increased by the fact that our expedition would entail several boat rides. And so when the opportunity presented itself during the Holy Week, we decided to seize it.

    And so we traveled ...