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  • Captivating Calayan

    A trip to Calayan IS NOT for the weekend vacationer nor it is for the weakened traveler. Blame it on the rain, they say. Well, partly true. Foul weather is the main reason why shuttling of passengers and goods sometimes grinds to an indefinite halt; however, even on hot summer days, chances of getting stranded for days to and from the island is VERY HIGH due to the erratic schedule of passenger boats leaving the ports of Claveria or Aparri.

    I have never really fully appreciated the beauty of Calayan Island until recently. In my mind, and looking at some photos in various blogs, I kinda prem ...

  • A Calayan Experience

    When people talk about a trip to Calayan Island, the topic of being stranded there for days never fails to creep into every conversation. Well, aside from the occasional sightings of whales and dolphins by some few — which has become the envy of many and one of several reasons why people still want to make the trip despite the "odds", including myself.

    Indeed, the prospect of getting marooned on the island municipality of Calayan is very high. While the main cause of "lampitaw" trip cancellations is bad weather, erratic boat schedules come in close second. To date, there are about five or ...

  • Calayan Islands Caves Falls Coves White Beaches

    Lying in the vast blue sea in northernmost Luzon, Calayan Island is one of the most unexplored destinations in the entire Philippine archipelago.

    Here on the island, luxury can have a new dimension. Luxury in this jewel island means the ability to discover the island's many and varied attractions.

    Calayan Island is one of the 29 towns in Cagayan province. It is neighbor to the country's northernmost province, the Batanes Islands.

    The island is only for the brave tourists. As every islander is prone to say, "You have to pass hell before paradise."

    From Metro Manila, the capital of t ...

  • One Of The Most Memorable Experience At Nagudungan Hills In Calayan

    One of the most memorable experience I had when I went to Calayan Island aside from the amazing beaches was to be on topmost of the Nagudungan Hill. Surely, the memory was priceless and the view is incomparable. I am not a climber nor have joined mountaineering but I definitely know that feeling when you are at the summit. The serenity, calmness and tranquility was worth it after hours and hours of travel.

    How to get to Calayan Island

    From Manila, you will need to ride a bus via Junction Luna going to Claveria, Cagayan. The fare is php850 and make sure to reserve you seats because there ...

  • Sibang Cove In Calayan

    It was not my first time to visit Calayan. In fact, I decided to do it as a yearly escape in order to at least experience being away from the city. I was expecting that there will be no more excitement since I have visited the place. For some reason when I arrived at the port area, I felt that it was my first time when I saw the white sand beach and clear waters of the island. Happiness was all over me and got thrilled again to explore the place.

    How to get to Calayan Island

    From Manila, you will need to ride a bus via Junction Luna going to Claveria, Cagayan. The fare is php850 and make ...

  • Anguib Beach Santa Ana Cagayan

    Anguib Beach, Santa Ana, Cagayan April 30 to May 1 2017